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We believe in the Holy Spirit

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1 We believe in the Holy Spirit
Unit 2 We believe in the Holy Spirit

2 Pentecost 50 days after the Resurrection, God came down to the disciples in the form of the Holy Spirit. The coming of the Holy Spirit made it possible for the disciples to respond to and share the full wonder of the resurrection in everyone’s native language. It was the beginning of Christianity.

3 Pentecost Long before Pentecost became a Christian feast, it was a Jewish feast. Pentecost was a harvest festival that was celebrated fifty days after Passover. “Pentecost” = “fiftieth day.” People from towns and villages would travel together to Jerusalem to offer the first-fruits of the wheat harvest in the Temple and to give thanks to God.

4 The Trinity God relates to us as three distinct persons in three different ways. God the Father God the Son (Jesus) God the Holy Spirit

5 The Trinity Central to our faith is the belief that there is only one God. The three persons of the Trinity are one God. Whatever one does, God does. Whenever one is present, God is present. The Trinity reveals God’s nature as always relating in love.

6 HOLY SPIRIT God in spirit form (part of the Holy Trinity)
The Holy Spirit is present as your helper! Helps us to deal with changing expectations, and helps us to change our expectations to be more in line with the teaching of Jesus. The Holy Spirit also helps us to recognize God and to believe! Most importantly, the Holy Spirit helps us to be disciples of Jesus.

7 God reveals God’s self in many different ways
God reveals God’s self in many different ways. Christians have learned to expect to see, find and know God in the person of Jesus, in the “Law,” and in the ‘community of believers’. Community of believers: People who believe that Christ is the Messiah and who believe in God “Law”: The Scriptures/Bible and the teaching of the Church

8 Because God has given us the gift of the Holy Spirit, we are able to live and love the way Christ calls us to

9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit
These are gifts from God that are given to help us do God’s will These gifts sum up the ways God helps relate to each other, to the world and to God. We are called to use the gifts we know we have and to develop the rest Not everyone may be using every gift, but every gift is present in every person who works with the Holy Spirit.

10 Divide your Page into 3 sections
GIFT MEANING How to develop this gift

11 Understanding

12 Understanding Seeing why things are the way they are
Seeing what needs to be done and responding the way God wants you to respond An understanding person knows when someone needs help and is quick to offer help; knows when to help by doing something and when to just listen; makes time for people and makes sacrifices for the needs of others Understanding

13 Wisdom

14 A wise person knows what is really important and what is not
Wisdom Seeing how God wants things to be Knowing what needs to be done or said to help God’s plan happen Being able to see the effects of various actions A wise person knows what is really important and what is not Understanding Wisdom

15 Counsel (Right Judgment)

16 Counsel (Right Judgment)
Helping change things to the way they should be Making good judgments and giving good advice A person with the gift of counsel says what is needed to change things from bad to good. A person with this gift knows how to lead others in doing what is right and good and can listen for and hear the truth even when it is hidden. Understanding Wisdom Counsel

17 Knowledge

18 Knowledge Being aware of the world God has created
Understanding how things work and fit together A person with the gift of knowledge is not easily fooled, is good as solving problems and can give the facts others need to make a good decision

19 Fortitude (Courage)

20 Fortitude (Courage) Having courage and being able to keep going even when things get really hard A person with fortitude does not give up easily. They do what is needed even if it’s hard, painful or scary.

21 Piety (Reverence)

22 Piety (Reverence) Loyalty and faithfulness to God
Changing our behavior because of our faith Praying and trusting in prayer People with the gift of piety put their faith into action. They find time to pray for themselves and for others and serve others in the name of Jesus. They do not lose their faith in hard times. They are not usually weighed down by doubt, despair, or anxiety. They find joy and strength in God.

23 Fear of the Lord (Wonder & Awe)

24 Fear of the Lord (Wonder & Awe)
Knowing that God (and only God) deserves our absolute trust and commitment Believing that God’s plan is much bigger than anything we can see, and that He is working for good. Believing that God is infinitely wiser, more loving, and more powerful than we are A person with the gift of fear of the Lord stands in awe before God and does not forget to worship God. Such a person is not ashamed to ask humbly for God’s help and will admit that only God has a right to do, decide, or control certain things. A person like this puts God first.

25 Fruits of the Holy Spirit
The fruits of the Holy Spirit are present when we do God’s will They signal us to know when we are on the right track with the decisions we make When the fruits of the Spirit are in our lives, we experience life “in abundance.” When one or more of the fruits of the Spirit are missing from our lives, we are out of balance and unable to live as fully as God wants us to live.

26 Fruits of the Holy Spirit
Love: Members of family died, had a community dinner to celebrate the life of that person. Healing as a group. Joy: Someone gets a fabulous opportunity; you are happy for them. Peace: Being content with what you have. Make peace with others. Ex: Someone (a friend) spreads rumors, you settle it instead of being bitter. Patience: Parents going through divorce, you want to show understanding to both. Takes a lot of effort. Kindness: Give someone else on the team the goal, especially if they need a boost of confidence. Generosity: Give up time/money for someone else’s benefit. Faithfulness: Showing faith in hard situations, courage. Ex: Praying the rosary at lunch in the chapel. Fruits of the Holy Spirit

27 Solidarity When we see other people’s needs just as important as our own needs. It means “being as one” We live in solidarity with others when we see their needs as our needs, and their hopes as our hopes. Making someone else’s dreams come true is as important as making our own come true Other people’s successes are as important as our own

28 Solidarity The Trinity calls us to live in solidarity with each other
Think of three influential people in the world (living or dead) who you believe live in “solidarity” Write these in your notes The Trinity calls us to live in solidarity with each other

29 Solidarity The Trinity reminds us that life lived in solidarity is life lived in God’s way Our relationships can bring God to others Relationships built on solidarity instead of power reflect the Trinity. God is present Discernment: Calling on the Holy Spirit to lead or give direction about your vocation

30 Gentleness: Put yourself into someone else’s shoes, show compassion
Gentleness: Put yourself into someone else’s shoes, show compassion. Ex: Being there for someone going through a hard time. Self Control:

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