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It’s getting HOT in here!

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1 It’s getting HOT in here!
Miss Laverty 2012 *Lesson, experiments and worksheets adapted from the Edmonton public curriculum book*

2 Welcome! If you are one of the first few people in the room, please hand out the workbooks Grab today’s handout from the blue handout bin Sit down and show me you are ready to make a SOAP SOUFFLÉ!

3 Hypothesis What will happen when we cook a bar of soap in the microwave? I think that the bar of soap will _________________ when we cook it in the microwave because_____________________.

4 Soap Soufflé

5 Soap Soufflé Materials: Bar of soap, microwave and microwavable plate
Safety Precautions: always ask an adult before using the microwave and let the soap cool down for at least five minutes before touching it. Do not eat the soap!

6 Procedure: Unwrap a bar of soap and place it on a microwave safe plate
Microwave the bar of soap for about 2 minutes Observe and record results

7 Diagram Include the before and after diagrams

8 Results The bar of soap expands

9 Inferences A bar of soap has lots of tiny pockets of air
When air is heated it expands The expanding air pockets cause the bar of soap to turn into a foam Foam is: a substance that is formed by trapping tiny pockets of gas in a liquid or solid

10 Real Life Examples

11 Turn up the heat Questions: What happens to air when it is heated? What happens to air when it is cooled?

12 Turn up the heat Materials: 2 glass bottle, 2 small balloons, 2 tubs for holding water, 2 thermometers, hot water and a bag of ice

13 Procedure: Place a thermometer in each bottle. Record the temperature below Secure a small balloon over each bottle Label one bottle “A” and the other “B” Fill one tub with hot water Fill the other with cold water or ice Place one bottle in each tub Observe and record the temperatures below

14 Diagram Include the 2 bottles and what they looked like

15 Question: Did the AMOUNT of air change in either of the bottles? Explain: No. When the air is heated, the molecules get more excited and take up more space. So the air expands. The air is just increasing in SIZE not amount.

16 So what is in air anyways?
Air is composed of different gases. But what are the gases? We will put some steel wool in a test tube and submerge it in water to investigate one of the gases that make up air… Come tomorrow to find out what the name of that gas is…

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