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2 SBI3U WARM UP 1. Natural Selection is best described as:
A) Individuals who are less adapted to their environment survive and pass these traits onto the next generation B) How many offspring an organism has the potential to make C) Individuals who are better adapted to their current environment will survive better and pass their traits on to the next generation D) Survival of the fittest E) Both C and D Can you give an example of natural selection occurring?

3 2. Name that Proof!! 1) This proof of evolution pushes back the age of the Earth allowing for a longer period of time for organisms to change: 2) This proof of evolution shows that creatures disappear and appear on the Earth at different times 3) The fact that the backbone is one of the earliest structures to appear in all vertebrates is an example of what proof of evolution? A.Embryonic Development B. Fossil Record C. Extinction

4 ANSWERS to Name that Proof!!
1) Fossil Record 2) Extinction Why is Extinction proof of evolution by natural selection? creatures who are not best adapted to their environment will die off. 3) Embryonic Development

5 3. Fill in the blanks! Adaptive Radiation is an increase in the ___________________ and ______________________ diversity of a species eventually resulting in formation of new ___________ environmental, social, finches niches, trait, lizards morphological, ecological, species natural selection, trait, species

6 B) Convergent evolution C) Adaptive Radiation D) Divergent evolution
4. New species of finches in the Galapagos Islands, and mammal diversity after dinosaur extinction are both examples of _____________________ A) Organism growth B) Convergent evolution C) Adaptive Radiation D) Divergent evolution E) Both C and D

7 5. Are the following examples of Homologous structures or Analogous structures?
Analogous or homologous? Bat forelimb and human forelimb homologous Bat wing and insect wing analogous Mole forelimb and elephant forelimb Tail fin of whale, fish, and lobster Jointed legs of insects and vertebrates

8 6. Convergent or Divergent?
Homologous Structures show ____________________ evolution Analogous Structures show _____________________ evolution Recall: convergent evolution: one species evolving into many species Divergent evolution: many species showing the evolution of a similar trait, but they are not closely related


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