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Faculty of Engineering Alberta Engineering Transfer Programs.

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1 Faculty of Engineering Alberta Engineering Transfer Programs

2 Topics Faculty of Engineering Admission to Second Year Quotas Transfer Program Applicants Co-operative Education Program Questions

3 Faculty of Engineering Research Excellence Student Achievements Research Funding Industry Connections

4 Faculty of Engineering Undergraduate Enrollment 2007/ students 2 nd Largest Engineering Co-operative Education Program in Canada 1201 students

5 Faculty of Engineering Chemical and Materials Civil and Environmental Electrical and Computer Mechanical

6 Second Year Quota Admission Criteria How Do I Get In?

7 U of L Transfer Program FallSpring CHEM 1000CHEM 2000 CPSC 1620ENGG 2060 ENGG 2000MATH 1410 MATH 1560MATH 2560 ElectivePHYS 2130

8 Admission Criteria 1. Session GPA combined average of first & second terms - (Sept - April) includes ALL grades minimum required Courses Passed total first year load = 40.0 units minimum required = 30.0 units Both of these conditions must be met

9 Course Transfer Credit Minimum grade of C-

10 Quota Selection Average QSA = Session GPA - Light Load Adjustments Normal first year load = 38.0 units Adjustment applied if < 37.0 units attempted Course still included in load even if failed

11 QSA Example Session GPA = 2.5 Did Not Take Elective Course = 3.0 Engineering Units (U of A) Load Carried : = = 2.0 Light Load Adjustment 2.0 x 0.05 = 0.1 GPA - adjustments = QSA = 2.4

12 Second Year Quota ProgramQuota Numbers* Chemical Computer Process Control 100 (146) 25 Civil Environmental 110(127) 30( 45) Computer Computer Software Electrical Engineering Physics

13 ProgramQuota Numbers* Mechanical180(198) Materials (Metallurgical) Mining Petroleum 25( 45) 30( 45) 45( 50) TOTAL770(881) * Bracketed numbers are the Fall 2007 operational quotas.

14 Admission Cut Off Averages September 2007 PROGRAMMinimum GPA TraditionalCo-op Chemical Chemical – CPC Chemical – Biomedical Civil Civil – Biomedical2.59N/A Civil – Environmental Computer Computer-Software2.03N/A Electrical Electrical – Biomedical2.50N/A Eng. Physics3.20N/A Eng. Physics – Nanoengineering3.02N/A Materials Materials – Biomedical Mechanical Mechanical – BiomedicalN/A3.54 Mining Petroleum This information is available on website.

15 Application Procedure – 2 Steps 1. University Application Future Students Undergraduate Programs How to Apply 2. Program Selection Form (PSF) You must have a student ID # to complete the PSF

16 Application Deadline May 1, 2008

17 Program Selection Form

18 Program Selection Form Deadline May 1, 2008

19 Application Procedure - Documents Transcripts –high school –college –other (International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, NAIT/SAIT, university) All mailed to the Office of the Registrar DIRECT from the Department of Education (High school) or the institution.

20 All Transcripts Deadline June 15, 2008

21 Application Inquiries Contact Faculty after July 1, 2008 Status of Application to check on Placement in Program

22 Co-operative Education Experience Networking and References Communication Skills Develop interviewing and job search skills Integration of academics

23 University of Lethbridge Transfer Program Students Registered September 2007 ProgramTraditionalCo-op Chemical2 Civil11 Electrical1 Civil Environmental1 Mechanical2 Total17

24 Doug Clark Administrative Officer (Student Services) Faculty of Engineering E6-050 Engineering Teaching and Learning Complex Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2V


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