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SMART Start How to guide your Brock Badgers. What’s for Brock U.

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1 SMART Start How to guide your Brock Badgers

2 What’s for you @ Brock U

3 Library Many scholarly resources Group study, quiet study, silent study Research help desk Live chat with the librarians available through the main web page Faculty lectures held where faculties discuss their research

4 Learning Commons Career Services can be found in the Learning Commons Peer Assistants are available Facilities: 7 study rooms available for use by 106 students 1 large group study room for use by up to 12 students equipped with an LCD panel which connects to a laptop 113 new computers 6 MACS

5 Library Services One-on-one help with specialized librarians Laptop loans FREE – Check out for 4 hours (renewable) – 30 laptops to sign out Brock is a member of RACER Special Collections and Archives

6 Student Development Centre Learning Skills First Generation Students Students with DisABILITIES Foundations in Leadership Aboriginal Scholars

7 Learning Skills Drop in centre open from 8:30 am until 9:00 pm Monday-Thursday Assistance with every subject Over 60 Workshops Academic consultations to ease exam anxiety and schedule conflicts Tutoring centre, cost is determined between the tutor and tutee

8 Students with disABILITIES One on one meetings to assess the situation and creating circumstances that will allow for the student to succeed Assistance with planning the students schedule Access to note takers, translators, fm radios, exam accommodations and 1 on 1 learning strategy All free and confidential.

9 Foundations in Leadership 12 hour practicum series over 6 weeks. Four levels; Bronze = communication, Silver = problem solving, Gold = teamwork, Platinum = self development Classes are on campus, practice with feedback

10 Staying Healthy

11 Health Plan Through Green Shield Provides coverage on health and dental for information on coverage visit and look under Services

12 Student Health Services Our team of 8-10 nurses and 18 physicians see an average of 150 students per day We have 20 employment opportunities for students We have a massage therapist and a psychiatrist who come in once a week

13 Health Continued Prescription drop off located in health services and if it is dropped off before 12pm it can be picked up between 5 and 5:30 the same day You can use health services even if you have opted out of the Brock University Students Union health plan

14 Staying Safe on the Brock Campus

15 Campus Security 24/7/365 patrolling 22 officers with Special Constable authority Security vehicles patrol campus – All vehicles are equipped with First Aid, 2 vehicles have two Automated External Defibrillator (AED) units available – Provides boosts for cars

16 Security Continued Lost and Found 91 emergency telephones Foot Patrol available at Ext 4700 Ext. 4300 8:30-4:30 and 3200 (emergency/night)

17 Foot Patrol Open Monday to Friday 7:30-11 Volunteer opportunities Service extension: 4700

18 Parking Services Zone 1- 2 terms $320 1 term $160 Zone 2- 2 terms $228 1 term $114 Up to four vehicles on a parking pass Quarry View, Residence S and M Lots $420/full year in Overnight parking in a patrolled lot Temporary permits $5 until the following noon

19 Parking Continued Metered lots accept cash, MasterCard and Visa for $2.50/hour What about move in day? – Make sure you leave your four way flashers on if there is no one at your vehicle! – Loading/unloading 15 minutes outside each residence If you are commuting…visit available through to register

20 Catch the Badger Spirit

21 First Generation Students First student in their immediate family to attend post secondary education Eases the transition They meet to answer questions and holds socials to integrate students positively

22 Campus Store Run by Brock for the benefit of Brock’s students Offers new and used textbooks, study guides, stationery, clothing, confectionary as well as health and beauty products Many types of technology at Brock Micro Additional services offered at Footnotes

23 Athletics One of the most successful athletic programs in Canada Commitments and demands on students prevent them from playing more than one sport Students must train in the off season Must be a full time student to play varsity Varsity teams pay for away game transport

24 Athletics Continued Athletic scholarship are available and range from $500 to $3500 Scholarships are funded from within the Athletic program Funded by a variety of donors Athletes allow coaches access to their grades and must maintain a 60% average to play Athletes must maintain a 70% to maintain their scholarship

25 Athletics continued Presence - Coaches at games Profile- Brock is high profile with lots of sponsors Accountability – Coaches and athletes are held accountable for their actions

26 Recreation Services Zone memberships give access to fitness facilities and are available at our services fair All students including those without a Zone membership can access the track, the gymnasiums for pick-up sports, the Aquatic Centre, Squash and Tennis courts and an array of Intramural sports

27 Staying on Track

28 Career Services Career & Employer Events Job Postings Workshops Resume and Job Interview Help Experience Plus InfoSkills Plus

29 Eating Well &Living in the Community Eating Well &Living in the Community

30 Aboriginal Student Services Assists the Native population at Brock University Promotes cultural awareness through seminars, workshops, media and various alternative resources Offers array of federally funded programs

31 Student Rights and Equity Services Celebrate and acknowledge diversity in the Brock community Advice for resolving issues 100% confidential Personal counseling Free support when you need a place to talk

32 Campus Ministries Represents many denominations Pastoral counselling is available Run small group discussions including a faith and science open discussion Masses are available Run two trips a year as weekend retreats Offer $2 home cooked dinners off campus

33 International Services Study abroad and exchanges Solidarity Experiences Abroad (SEA) Assistance to International Students International events Volunteer opportunities Faculty led trips

34 International PLUS An extension of Experience PLUS 30 exposure hours to be completed on exchange Students participate in: Two career service workshops Two workshops held by International Services Two international lectures

35 Exchange Opportunities Apply January of second year Do exchange in third year Short term and long term exchanges available Earn Brock credits and pay Brock tuition Two letters of recommendation and a minimum 70% average

36 Study abroad For schools where Brock does not have an exchange treaty A letter of permission is required for these exchanges Tuition and other fees are paid to the other university

37 Resources Library Health Services Health and Dental Plan Campus Security Parking Services Student Development Centre (SDC) Campus Store Athletics Recreation Services Career Services Campus Ministries International Services

38 Thank You!

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