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Advocacy Creating Systemic Change Presented by: Duncan Farthing-Nichol Adam Fraser-Kruck.

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1 Advocacy Creating Systemic Change Presented by: Duncan Farthing-Nichol Adam Fraser-Kruck

2 What is Advocacy Wikipedia defines advocacy as: “the pursuit of influencing outcomes — including public policy and resource allocation decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions — that directly affect people’s current lives.” Advocacy is the art of systemic change

3 Advocacy = Systemic Change Advocacy System Processes Outputs Advocated Outputs Consider a simple system: Advocacy work can be seen as providing new inputs to influence a system’s behaviour or purpose.

4 Some Famous Advocates Martin Luther King Jr. Gandhi Ralph Nader Famous Five

5 Why do we advocate? To create a critical mass of informed policy makers and citizens who are motivated to make change To make Canada a global leader on pro- development policy To have HUGE Impact! ◦ CIDA has a budget of $1 600 000 000 for aid to Africa ◦ We can have disproportionate impact by making sure that money is spent properly

6 Advocacy Goal To transform the U of M chapter and its members into effective political advocates, in order to: ◦ Drive change for Dorothy through informed policy by utilizing EWB’s organizational knowledge and grassroots network ◦ Connect Canadians to Canada’s foreign policy and ultimately to Africa

7 EWB and Advocacy Strenghts Funding freedom An extensive grass roots network, composed of members who: ◦ Come from many constituencies and diverse backgrounds ◦ Are passionate about change and committed to Dorothy ◦ Possess knowledge rooted in both the Overseas AND Canadian contexts

8 EWB Advocacy Wins Bill C-293  Official Development Assistance Accountability Act Commitment to untying all Canadian aid by 2012

9 Federal Gov’t Overview

10 Members of Parliament in Winnipeg Do you know who your MP is? Do you know which riding you live in?

11 Winnipeg Members of Parliament Joy Smith Kildonan- St. Paul Pat Martin Winnipeg Center Steven Fletcher Charleswood- St. James Jim Maloway Elmwood- Transcona

12 Winnipeg Members of Parliament Judy Wasylycia- Leis Winnipeg North Anita Neville Winnipeg South-Center Shelley Glover St. Boniface Vic Toews Provencher Rod Bruinooge Winnipeg South Commons/MemberByPostalCode.aspx?Menu=HOC

13 Actions to Advocacy Talk to your friends, family, strangers about development issues Buy a Fair Trade coffee (or ask Timmy’s why they don’t have it!) Learn about development issues! ◦ Member Learning is a great start Join the Public Outreach/Advocacy Team! Talk to/mail/phone your MP ◦ Mailing is free! No stamps required

14 Communicating with your MP MPs are people too; they will listen to reasoned arguments, and may even act on them Know what you are talking about, and more importantly, know what you want from them Send in an executive summary of the issue and the actions you want them to take before a meeting

15 Communicating with your MP Principle Negotiation ◦ Make arguments, not accusations ◦ Stick to the facts, and make your facts plentiful ◦ Anticipate their objections, and mold them to your cause ◦ Be prepared to meet in the middle

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