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COIN-DRIVE RULES Congratulations! We knew you would take on the Yukon Schools Coin-Drive Challenge!

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1 COIN-DRIVE RULES Congratulations! We knew you would take on the Yukon Schools Coin-Drive Challenge!

2 COIN-DRIVE RULES First, decide whether or not there will be a interschool competition: grade vs. grade, boys vs. girls, or simply one big team… For this demo, let’s assume the students are divided into grade teams!

3 COIN-DRIVE RULES 1. Place masking tape sticky-side up at your zero distance mark on the floor (hallway, gymnasium, classroom,…) for each grade team.

4 COIN-DRIVE RULES 2. Place coins on tape – make sure adjacent coins are in contact

5 COIN-DRIVE RULES 3. Once first strip of tape is full, start a new one! Add as many strips as required – the more coins you have, the more tape you need!

6 COIN-DRIVE RULES 4. Once the Coin-Drive is closed, determine the full length of masking tape used for each team. Record this distance in centimeters (cm). This is the grade team’s Distance score!

7 COIN-DRIVE RULES 5. By grade teams, detach the coins from the masking tape. Determine the weight of a box. Place coins in the box. Determine the weight of the coins and the box (total weight) to the nearest gram (g). Record this weight. Subtract the weight of the box from the total weight. This is your grade team’s Weight score!

8 COIN-DRIVE RULES 6. Roll coins and determine the cash value for the grade team. Record this amount in cents (¢). If you received donations in form of cheques or paper bills, add this amount to the coins collected. This is your grade team’s Coin score!

9 COIN-DRIVE RULES By adding the Distance score, the Weight Score and the Coin score you obtain the grade team’s Raw score (RS) RS = Distance score + Weight Score + Coin Score

10 COIN-DRIVE RULES The grade team’s Final Score (FS) is determined by dividing the Raw score by the number of students enrolled in the grade team FS = RS ÷ #students enrolled in the grade

11 COIN-DRIVE RULES To determine the school’ s Final score, add all the grade teams Raw scores and divide this sum by the number of students enrolled in the whole school. School’s FS = (sum of all RS) ÷ (# students in the school)

12 COIN-DRIVE RULES Finally, report your School’s FS to Denise Schneider at the Yukon Teachers’ Association via email at using the “Yukon Schools Coin-Drive Result Form” available on the YTA website at

13 A few suggestions… - Get sponsors for the masking tape you will need. At WLSS, we used twelve rolls last year for 100 students! - Anticipate students wanting pennies, get a few hundred dollars worth from the bank – call the bank well ahead of time - now would be a good time ت - Give the responsibility for the gathering of the coins to responsible students (i.e. student council, social justice club, etc.) or involve your School Council

14 … and some more… - For rapid Distance score count, place the extra strips of tape the same length as the first one. - To prevent the long strips of tape from moving too much, place a small strip of tape across the full length to hold it in place, every 2 m or so. - Make sure you have several hundred coin rolls available when you do the actual counting of the coins – contact your bank early!

15 … and a few more. -Take a lot of pictures and/or video clips! Once this challenge is over, we would like to place a newspaper coverage with your photos. As well, it really spruces-up your school webpage! -Ask your students for their impressions and comments regarding the issue of violence against women!

16 From the YTA On behalf of HELP and HOPE, Watson Lake KAUSHEE’S PLACE, Whitehorse and DAWSON SHELTER TRANSITION HOUSE Dawson City Thank you for your generous contribution!

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