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Department of Information Technology Michael Thuné Head of Department.

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1 Department of Information Technology Michael Thuné Head of Department

2 Informationsteknologi Institutionen för informationsteknologi | The IT department is: The third largest department at Uppsala University (239 employees). The most complete department: - in Uppsala (balance between edu. & research) - in Sweden (unique coverage of IT)

3 Informationsteknologi Institutionen för informationsteknologi | Undergraduate education 4000 students each year (about 1000 full time students) Participation in about 30 study programs, a total of 150 courses starts per academic year. Single subject courses, distance courses, summer courses and web based courses. Everything from introductory courses for beginners to specialist courses. 200 computer work stations for the students. High quality (Undergraduate Education Department of the Year 2009)

4 Informationsteknologi Institutionen för informationsteknologi | Research We cover a broad spectrum of research areas:  Computing Science: algorithm design; compiler construction; constraint programming; databases; distributed systems; e-commerce; formal methods; machine learning; programming languages; and software engineering  Computer Systems: formal specification, verification, experimental systems development, and evaluation; with applications in computer networks, computer architecture, and embedded systems

5 Informationsteknologi Institutionen för informationsteknologi | Research (cont.)  Scientific Computing: numerical analysis, numerical software development and high- performance computing; with collaborative projects in Computational Science and Engineering, and industrial applications  Systems and Control : estimation, system identification, signal processing, spectral analysis, fault detection, and automatic control; with applications in wireless communications, radar and synthetic aperture radar, modelling and control of mechanical systems, process control, environment, and medicine

6 Informationsteknologi Institutionen för informationsteknologi | Research (cont.) Visual Information and Interaction : image analysis, image processing, visualization, human-computer interaction, and IT sustainability; with applications in healthcare, medicine, biology, forestry, and transportation systems

7 Informationsteknologi Institutionen för informationsteknologi | The IT departments hosts: Research Centres  UPMARC (Uppsala Programming for Multicore Architectures) 2008-2018, a Linnaeus center funded by the Swedish Research Council. Total budget: 100 million SEK.  WISENET (Uppsala Center for Wireless Sensor Networks) 2007-2016. A center of Excellence funded by Vinnova. Total budget: 210 million SEK.  eSSENCE – a national collaboration in e-science.  CBA (Center for Image Analysis – in collaboration with Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences (SLU) SNIC (Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing), is under the Swedish Science Council a metacentre whose task is to coordinate and develop high end computing capacity for Swedish research. UPPMAX (Uppsala Multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Computational Science), which is Uppsala University's center for high performance computing.

8 Informationsteknologi Institutionen för informationsteknologi | Citations from external evaluation (KoF07 & KoF11) The friendly atmosphere and the cohesiveness that prevails at the Information Technology Department have been mentioned by several members. The panel believes that such friendly atmosphere is indeed a valuable and rather unique asset that undoubtedly contributes to the quality of the work performed at the department. … world-class quality … world leading … internationally recognized

9 Informationsteknologi Institutionen för informationsteknologi | Our graduated students and PhDs are much appreciated in industry and academia. Several high tech spin-offs: Skype, Acumem, Trade Extensions, OptiMobile, Wisenet Holding Collaboration with several major Swedish companies: Ericsson, ABB, Scania, Volvo… Future systems for train traffic control in Sweden is based on HCI research. Extensive academic collaboration nationally and internationally. Impact

10 Informationsteknologi Institutionen för informationsteknologi | Erik Hagersten Computer Architecture Tore Risch Database Technology Abdulla Parosh Computer Systems Joachim Parrow Computing Science Arne Andersson Computing Science Bengt Sandblad Human-Computer Interaction Torbjörn Wigren Automatic Control Wang Yi Real-Time Systems Ewert Bengtsson Image Analysis Per Gunningberg Data Communication Bengt Jonsson Computer Systems Michael Thuné Scientific Computing Pierre Flener Computing Science Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos Human-Computer Interaction Bengt Carlsson Automatic Control Sverker Holmgren ScientificComputing Ingrid Carlbom Computer Graphics Gunilla Borgefors Image Analysis Gunilla Kreiss Numerical Analysis Håkan Lanshammar Automatic Control & Systems Analysis Per Lötstedt Numerical Analysis Alexander Medvedev Automatic Control Professors, D ecember 2012 Stefanos Kaxiras Computer Architecture Thiemo Voigt Wireless Sensor Networks Ingela Nyström Visualization Torsten Söderström Automatic Control Peter Stoica System Modelling Stefan Seipel Computer Graphics

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