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(c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 1 Selling to the Federal Government Orientation and Local Resources Strategic Contract Solutions LLC Brian.

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1 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 1 Selling to the Federal Government Orientation and Local Resources Strategic Contract Solutions LLC Brian F. Peters

2 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 2 Roadmap of Presentation Goals of presentation: – Help you to visualize the Federal Government as a customer! Introduce you and your business to the concept of selling your goods/services to the federal government – Show you how to register your Company to be eligible to bid Rememberthis is just one step in a multi-step process Also: there are many legal requirements for federal contractors

3 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 3 HAS MONEY WILL SPEND The U.S. Federal Government is one of the largest buyers of goods and services worldwide Nearly $500 billion will be spent this year. 90 Federal Construction Contracts Awarded in the Sacramento Area since January 2009. I Want You to Bid!

4 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 4 Categories of Federal Purchases OVERVIEW There are three main categories of federal purchases/contracts: (1).Full and Open Competition (2).Set-Asides (3).Sole Source

5 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 5 Category 1: Full And Open Competition: Procurements open for bid from all allowable sources

6 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 6 Category 2 Set-Asides: Purchases set-aside or reserved for – Small Businesses – HUBZone – Service-Disabled-Vet-owned or 8(a) competition only FY 2008/ FY 2009 DOD Category Goals – SB 22.3750% – SDB 5.0000% – WOSB 5.0000% – HUBZone 3.0000% – SDVOSB 3.0000%

7 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 7 Category 3 Sole-Source: – Negotiating with one firm

8 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 8 So, the Question of the Day is: Why would anyone want to get involved with the federal government ON PURPOSE???

9 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 9 Why you should want to engage the federal government: Winning a U.S. Government contract will increase your revenue stream Little or NO marketing expense High Profit margins Paid in 30 days from receipt of invoice- FAR 52.232-25, Prompt Pay Act. Secure the future of your company and employees

10 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 10 To Get Started Obtain a Data Universal Number System (DUNS) Number 9 digit code Required for all federal registrations. Call (866) 705-5711 DUNS Number can be obtained free-of- charge at time of CCR registration.

11 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 11 How to Register Your Business Central Contractor Registration Database (CCR) 511,580 Small Businesses active as of 7-28-09. Keep Current (Update yearly at minimum) Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA)

12 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 12 What is the CCR? The Central Contractor Registry (CCR) Does not include state or local government procurement. Used by the federal buyers to obtain vital information about your firm, make payments to you under federal contracts, and help all buyers locate you. Click on Dynamic Small Business Search and register as a small business. This will then become your company profile. All potential buyers access this system to locate firms. It tells them the basics about your goods/services, resources, and customers.

13 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 13 Keep Updated! It is critical that you keep your profile updated. – Why? SBA will note in your profile which federal certifications you have.

14 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 14 Online Representation & Certifications Application (ORCA) Replaces the paper-based Representations and Certifications (Reps and Certs) Process – Must have completed your registration in CCR

15 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 15 Self and Formal Certifications OVERVIEW Small business, Women-owned small business, and Service Disabled Veteran-owned small business – Self-certification SBA publishes small business size standards (13 C.F.R. § 121) – Apply to What? – NAICS corresponds to a revenue or employee based size standard. ls/size/GC-SMALL-BUS-SIZE-STANDARDS.html

16 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 16 North American Industry Classification (NAICS) Codes Used for Federal Government contracts This is used to determine business-size. NAICS- Specialty Trade Contractors-Sub sector 238 A few NAICS Examples: – Drywall- 238310 – Electrical- 238210 – Plumbing- 238220

17 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 17 Self-Certification InformationContinued Primary Industry Code – BE CAREFUL! Protest Procedure

18 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 18 Formal Certification OVERVIEW Formal Certification Programs – Section 8(a) Business Development – HUBZone – Small Disadvantaged Business (SBD) – Disabled Veteran Business

19 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 19 Primary Benefits of 8(a)/SDB 8(a) Program Counseling Training Opportunities Opportunity to Market for federal sole source contracts Compete for 8(a) Competitive Mentor-Protégé Program Includes SDB Certification Easier application process for State and local programs SDB Subcontracting Opportunities with federal prime contractors Easier application process for State and local programs

20 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 20 HUBZone Program What is it? – Purchases >$3k – SBA Certified Term limits? – Competitive and Sole-Source program benefits – 10% price elevation preference – Principal office in HUBZone – 35% of Employees in HUBZone – FAR 19.13

21 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 21 Federal Acquisition Regs (FAR) The Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) – Governs federal procurements – Specifies: Type of contracts Allowable costs Competitions and negotiations are conducted, Payment Other statutory requirements Attempting to do business with the federal government without knowledge of the FAR can have grave consequences

22 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 22 Veterans Program Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business – Purchases $3k – Term Limits? – Self-Certified CCR – VA determines service disability – Competitive and Sole-Source Benefits – Sub and Prime Contracting Goals – FAR 19.14

23 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 23 Know the Rules Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) Part 13 – Simplified Acquisitions Part 14 – Sealed Bidding Part 15 – Contracting by Negotiation Part 19 – Small Business Programs Total parts 53

24 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 24 FINDING CONTRACTING OPPORTUNITIES Research Past Purchases – GSA Federal Procurement Data Center – https://www.FPDS.gov Identify Current Procurement Opportunities – Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) –

25 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 25 FedBizOpps Identify Opportunities – Follow the Money!

26 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 26 Y--Design and Construct an 11,200 SF NAF Child Development Center (CDC) at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada Solicitation Number: W912PL-09-R-004 Agency: Department of the Army; Office: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Design and Construct a 11,200 SF Child Development Center (CDC) at Nellis Air Force Base. Facility will be constructed using the USAF standard design for large CDC. Construction includes reinforced concrete foundation and floor slab, structural steel frames, split face masonry unit walls, concrete tile roof, fire detection/protection system, utilities, communication support, pavements, landscaping, playgrounds and all other necessary support. This project will comply with DOD antiterrorism/force protection requirements per ufc. THIS IS AN UNRESTRICTED REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP), LOWEST PRICE TECHNICALLY ACCEPTABLE. Both a technical and a price proposal will be required. The Technical Evaluation Factors for this procurement are in Section 00110, entitled Submission Requirements and Instructions. It is the Governments intent to award based on initial offers without discussions; therefore, the offerors shall provide their best technical and price proposals. There will be one pricing schedule for this project with a Performance Period of 540 days after receipt of Notice to Proceed (NTP). This procurement is subject to Clause 52.219-4 NOTICE OF PRICE EVALUATION PREFERENCE FOR HUBZONE SMALL BUSINESS CONCERNS. If the awarded offeror is a large business, they will be required to submit a subcontracting plan for the purpose of providing subcontracting opportunities to the maximum practicable extent with the small and disadvantaged firms in accordance with the provisions of Public Law 95-507. The Los Angeles District subcontracting goals are specific percentages of the contractors total planned subcontracted dollars. The goals are as follows: 70.0% with Small Business, 6.2% with Small Disadvantaged Business, 7.0% with Women-Owned Small Business, 9.8% with HubZone Small Business, 3.0% with Veteran-Owned Small Business, and 0.9% with Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code is 236220 Commercial and Institutional Building Construction, $33.5 M average annual gross revenue for the last three (3) fiscal years. Estimated cost range of the project is between $5M to $10 M.

27 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 27 Department of General Services California State Certification- E-Procurement (Bid Sync) Must become registered officially To be a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) or any other classification you must submit verification to state. Process 60-90 Days

28 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 28 DGS Continued Standard industry classification codes-(SIC codes. California Multiple award schedule (CMAS)

29 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 29 Find a CMAS Contract/Contractor Search by Product/Service Description or Contractor NameSearch by Product/Service Description or Contractor Name - Search by either the Product/Service Description or Contractor Name. Commodities and Non-IT Services Contract ListCommodities and Non-IT Services Contract List - List of commodity contracts. There is an A-Z index to access contracts by the first letter of a contractor's name. Updated three times a week. Information Technology (IT) Contract ListInformation Technology (IT) Contract List - List of IT contracts. There is an A-Z index to access contracts by the first letter of a contractor's name. Updated three times a week.

30 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 30 CMAS Small Business ContractorsCMAS Small Business Contractors - Small businesses are essential to the success of the CMAS program. This page lists all of the CMAS small business contractors. Ideal for agencies looking for a small business contractor. CMAS Disabled Veteran Business ContractorsCMAS Disabled Veteran Business Contractors - Disabled veteran businesses are essential to the success of the CMAS program. This page lists all of the CMAS disabled veteran business contractors. Ideal for agencies looking for a disabled veteran business contractor. CMAS Green/Recycled Content ContractorsCMAS Green/Recycled Content Contractors - List of CMAS Contractors that have identified recycled content in products listed on their CMAS contract(s).

31 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 31 Finding Subcontracting Opportunities Subcontracting Opportunities Directory of Large Prime Contractors – State by State directory – Listing of prime contractors with names and phone numbers – This is a great place to market your company SUB-Net

32 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 32 Now what? OVERVIEW You are registered, now what? – Marketing – Viewing Solicitations – Preparing your Bid

33 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 33 Marketing Your Firm Present your capabilities directly to the federal activities and large prime contractors that buy your products and services. Attend procurement conferences and business expos. Attend Business Matchmaking events

34 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 34

35 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 35 Viewing Solicitations Request or download a bid package Obtain copies of relevant specifications & drawings Understand relevant purchasing regulations Federal Acquisition Regulations: Micro-purchases (under $3,000) Simplified Acquisitions (under $100,000) Bids & Proposals (over $100,000)

36 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 36 Preparing Your Bid 3 Rules for a solicitation: -Read it…Read it…Read it!!! Request a Procurement History Attend Pre-Bid Meetings & Walk-Through Get clarification of ambiguities Proofread your proposal Submit it on time! Almost doesnt count!

37 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 37 Are we done yet? Almost.... Next on deck.... – RFP – RFI – RFQ – Bonding

38 (c) Strategic Contract Solutions LLC (2009) 38 Questions and Answers Brian F. Peters Government Business Development Specialist Strategic Contract Solutions, LLC. 916-295-4207

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