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Mark Phillip From Easy to Geeky: A Top 10 List.

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1 Mark Phillip From Easy to Geeky: A Top 10 List

2 12345678910 Easy Geeky

3 favicon.ico Tiny, little picture 12345678910

4 favicon.ico Options to display one on your site: Include: Simply name it favicon.ico

5 Google Webmaster Tools Hey Google, does this code make my butt look big? 12345678910

6 Google Webmaster Tools Verification process options: Upload blank file to server with Google-specified name Add Google-specified tag More Info:

7 Sitemap File Table of Contents for search engines 12345678910

8 Sitemap File 2009-06-11T20:40:03+00:00 daily 0.8 2000-02-05T19:09:36+00:00 monthly 0.3

9 Sitemap File More Info: Note: Best way to inform search engines about your sitemap file is to include it in your robots.txt file.

10 Canonicalization Fancy ComSci term popularized by Google 12345678910

11 Canonicalization These are completely different URLs: Rule of thumb: Ignoring anything after a ?, each page should be reachable by just one URL.

12 Google Analytics Who is visiting? 12345678910

13 Google Webmaster Tools More Info:

14 Firebug & YSlow Geek X-Ray Glasses 12345678910

15 Firebug & YSlow Install Firebug: Install YSlow: NB: Firebug and YSlow add-ons are made for Firefox. IE, Opera, and Safari support can be replicated using Firebug Lite.

16 Multiple CSS, JS, Icons Carpooling for files 12345678910

17 Multiple CSS, JS, Icons Stylesheets look like: JavaScript files look like: Images look like: Note: Search for underlined terms to find items in page source

18 robots.txt House Rules for Search Engines 12345678910

19 robots.txt SHAMEFUL Dont index anything: SHADY Dont let anyone see I that changed my policies: SOLID Index almost everything (and grab my sitemap while youre here):

20 robots.txt Zoo Animal Puppet Kit do?requestURI=processProductsCatalog&sku=48/2212 &tabId=3&cm_re=FF-_-Feature-_-F1L2 ontroller.jpf?productCode=48/2212 Camp Journal Craft Kit do?requestURI=processProductsCatalog&sku=48/3123 &tabId=3&cm_re=FF-_-Feature-_-F2L3 ontroller.jpf?productCode=48/3123

21 Semantic URLs Your URLs should tell a story 12345678910

22 Semantic URLs Good: Bad: standings.aspx?page=/data/nfl/standings/2008- 2009/pre/league/standings.html

23 External Presence? Blog? Facebook? Twitter? 12345678910

24 External Presence? Problem: Solution:

25 Thanks! Mark Phillip

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