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November 30, 2013 Strategic Education Plan and Report 2013 - 2014.

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1 November 30, 2013 Strategic Education Plan and Report 2013 - 2014

2  We are a kindergarten to grade six school located in the northwest corner of Chinooks Edge School Division.  We have 39 students this year with a variety of needs.  We care about each student as an individual and develop programs for everyone to be successful.

3 Mission: Benalto School, with the support of the community, engages every student in meaningful learning experiences. By believing in our students we instill confidence and a desire to succeed. We develop respectful and caring relationships by fostering positive interactions and open communication. We prepare students for their future learning as responsible citizens.

4  Vision:  Benalto School will be a collaborative learning community where learning is personalized for all students to achieve success as compassionate and innovative citizens.

5  Motto:  We Care Food Bank Donation Jump With Jeremy Charity Fundraiser Raised almost $3500.00

6 What factors are integral to our school’s success? We have developed a collaborative team approach with our staff. (Self managed administrative team, learning support team) We expose our students to a great variety of experiences despite limited on- site facilities and resources. We are the hub of the community and have strong partnership with parents, Rural Crime Watch, Elks, Booster Club and other community groups. We have established meaningful relationships with our students. Ultimately this allows us to recognize and understand their individual needs. (when we’re not being called “Mom” or “Dad”) We have school teams which are multi graded and therefore foster a collaborative culture of support for each other.

7  We enhanced our academic programs with a variety of on and off site activities including: Pioneer Ranch Camp, performances and guest speakers, our community Christmas concert and hot lunch, spring showcase, as well as a variety of athletic and educational field trips.  Mission /Vision – In collaboration with parents and community members, we developed a new mission and vision.  We promoted global citizenship through programs such as Jump with Jeremy, Christmas Food Bank, the Terry Fox Run, and our leadership group.

8 We encouraged lifelong physical health and wellness through activities such as swimming, cross country and downhill skiing, running club, and our “Benalto Bulldogs” basketball team. We hosted a parent literacy workshop. We enhanced our literacy education with an author visit and a “Destiny” library workshop. Our parent council continued to be active and vibrant. They supported many of our endeavors and are instrumental to our success.

9 Measure Category Measure Category Evaluation MeasureBenalto SchoolAlbertaMeasure Evaluation Current Result Prev Year Result Prev 3 Year Average Current Result Prev Year Result Prev 3 Year Average AchievementImprovementOverall Safe and Caring SchoolsGoodSafe and Caring84.682.480.389.088.688.1HighMaintainedGood Student Learning Opportunitiesn/aEducation Quality94.792.784.589.889.489.3Very HighImprovedExcellent Student Learning Achievement (Grades K-9) Good PAT: Acceptable100.0 79.879.079.179.2Very HighImprovedExcellent PAT: Excellence18.24.010.918.920.819.9IntermediateMaintainedAcceptable Preparation for Lifelong Learning, World of Work, Citizenship n/aCitizenship86.767.363.983.482.582.0Very HighImprovedExcellent Continuous ImprovementExcellentSchool Improvement83.385.477.680.680.0 Very HighMaintainedExcellent

10  Acceptable standard high  High number of special needs students who reached acceptable  Results based on low enrolments Benalto School Achievementimprovementoverall2013 CourseMeasure N% ELA 3 Acceptable Very HighMaintainedExcellent 7100.0 Excellence IntermediateMaintainedAcceptable 714.3 Math 3 Acceptable n/aMaintainedn/a 7100.0 Excellence n/aImprovedn/a 757.1 ELA 6 Acceptable100 2 Excellence 0 20 Math 6 Acceptable1002 Excellence1002 Science 6 Acceptable1002 Excellence 50 2 Social 6 Acceptable1002 Excellence 0 20

11 Successes Each year’s percent results can vary dramatically based on the number of students writing.

12 Grade 3 ELA Grade 3 Math Grade 6 ELA Grade 6 Science Grade 6 Math Grade 6 Social

13 Successes

14  From our F and P school reading data, all but two students achieved a full years reading growth.  In grade three 43% of the students achieved standard of excellence in reading.  We raised over $3500.00 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation in honor of one of our former students.  We are proud of our Christmas Concert and Spring Showcase which highlight our students’ talents and help build confidence. Successes

15  What is Driving Change at our School?  Collaborative time – both within our school and area  QLE - Our staff is committed to quality learning  IL- Our staff is dedicated to professional learning  Our students have diverse learning needs (SS/LST)  Our students need co-curricular support for learning

16 Achievement  Benalto staff and students work toward improving academically to reach the acceptable standard.  We need to personalize learning to support students striving for excellence. Satisfaction  Benalto students, parents, and staff work toward improving the learning community and success of the students.

17 What new provincial and district policies tell us…. AlbertaCESDBenalto Inspiring action on Education Action on Inclusion QLE Instructional leadership Special Ed Coaches Success for all Students LST/SS teams Focus on Literacy for overall academic improvement Develop a revised mission and vision statement Promote a learning community Improve our programming for personalized learning

18 What research and best practices tell us… Fountas and Pinell- measuring, tracking, and teaching make an impact on literacy success. Lost at School – Some students have lagging skills which affect their ability to be successful in a classroom setting. Making a Difference – Understanding your students allows teachers to plan for personalized learning. The Essential Equation- School improvement comes from setting goals, gathering data, and re-evaluating.

19  Success for every student ◦ students demonstrate proficiency in literacy and numeracy, students achieve educational outcomes, and students are prepared for the 21st century.  Transformed education through collaboration ◦ students have access to programming and supports to enable their learning, demonstrate openness to new and innovative ideas, and demonstrate leadership and collaboration.  Success for First Nations, Metis and Inuit students ◦ First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) students are engaged in learning and that the achievement gap between FNMI and non-FNMI students is eliminated. What new provincial goals tell us…

20 Alberta EducationChinook’s EdgeBenalto Success for every student Quality learning environment built on engagement and relationships Improving literacy instruction and achievement Transformed education through collaboration Collaborative learning environment, personalized for all learners Collaboration Partnering with PLCs Working on Instructional Leadership Success for First Nations, Metis and Inuit students Facilitating a focus on FNMI students and heritage in all schools Individualized programming as required

21  To have every student demonstrate one year of growth in literacy.  To enhance our community of learner’s understanding of literacy and how to support student learning.  Promote Benalto as a vibrant Learning Community.

22 School Goal #1 For students to increase their reading level by one year’s growth Strategies and timeline 1.Establish baseline data regarding reading levels (Sept/Oct.) 2.Plan for interventions and direct instruction.(Nov) 3.Implement strategies, reflect, collaborate. (throughout the year) 4.Monitor growth. (Jan./May)

23 School Goal #2 To use a collaborative process to increase educational learning in our students and staff. 1. Identify our collaborative groups. – August 2. Meet and plan collaborative sessions. – September 3. Review collaborative goals and continue to work toward achieving them. - Ongoing

24  We have a small, on site library but it is sufficiently stocked for our school.  Through the “Destiny” library program we have unlimited access to services.  Our library space and school space are all used interchangeably.

25 What is on the horizon?  The town values having a vibrant school.  We have two current kindergarten students but there are seven enrolled in our playschool.  We are engaging the community and the COLT team in discussions regarding the future of Benalto School

26 ◦ What challenges are unique in our school or community? ◦ Maintaining or growing our population. ◦ Before and after school care. ◦ Competing with other schools for students.

27  We are very good at personalizing learning so that our students are successful.  We understand the needs of our students, parents, and community.  We work collaboratively with our community partners to develop our young citizens.  Academic

28  Was there something that surprised you about our results?  What questions do you have about our results?  Do you have any questions about Benalto School?

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