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Rotary D7040 Youth Exchange LeadershipTraining For Club Committee, Counselors and Host Families.

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1 Rotary D7040 Youth Exchange LeadershipTraining For Club Committee, Counselors and Host Families

2 Founding Principles of YE  To build world peace, one person at a time and to increase international understanding through the promotion of cultural and educational opportunities for students around the world.

3 Objectives of YE Program  To further international goodwill and understanding by enabling youth to study firsthand some of the accomplishments and differences of people in other lands  To enable youth to advance their education by studying for a year in an entirely different environment and take courses and subjects not normally available to them in their own country.  To broaden their outlook by learning to live with and meet people of different cultures and by coping with day-to-day living.  To provide an opportunity for youth to act as ambassadors for their own country and Rotary, by addressing Rotary clubs, schools, community organisations and youth groups in their host country and by imparting as much knowledge as they can of their own country and its culture to the people they meet during their time abroad.  To study and observe life and culture in their host country so that they can pass on the understanding and knowledge they have gained, to Rotary clubs and the wider community in their home country, upon their return.

4 Types of Exchange Programs  Long Term Exchange Program (LTEP)  Short Term Exchange Program (STEP)  New Generations Exchange Program (NGE)

5 Eligibility  Age for the long-term exchange program, depending on the laws of the countries involved. Within this age range, exchange candidates’ ages must be agreed upon by both sending and hosting districts before finalizing the exchange and in accordance with the laws and regulations of both countries.  Above-average academic performance  Ability to express oneself clearly and effectively  Demonstrated community leadership skills  Residency (within the sending district)  Adaptability (outgoing, confident, and willing to adjust to changing surroundings)  Potential for being an excellent Rotary ambassador  Complete and unqualified support of parents  Proficiency in or capacity to learn the language of the host country

6 District YE Committee  District Governor  Chair  Vice-Chair  Program Coordinators (LTEP & STEP)  Correspondents  Insurance Coordinator  Event Coordinators/Chaperones  Treasurer  Youth Protection Officer  Training Coordinator  Legal Counsel  SEVIS Coordinator for US

7 District Event Calendar  Inbound Orientation  Rotex Activities  Outbound Orientations  Leadership Training  Conferences

8 Responsible Entities  Rotary International  District 7040 Youth Exchange Committee  Clubs – Sending and Hosting Club YE Committee Counselors Host Families  Parents/Legal Guardians  Students

9 Rotary International  President  Youth Exchange Committee –Certify and revoke certification of districts –Establish guidelines –Provide support and guidance –Facilitate communications between Youth Exchange Chairs around the world YOUTH EXCHANGE IS A RI PROGRAM

10 District YE Committee  Train club YE Committees  Coordinate youth protection efforts  Manage Inbound Activities  Manage Outbound Activities  Plan and coordinate risk and crisis management activities  Promote the program  Maintain effective lines of communication between all program participants  Report to RI on appropriate topics

11 Clubs  President –Appoints YE Chair –Oversees the selection of the club committee –Supports the club’s YE Activities  Club YE Chair –Plans, implements and supports all activities involving sending and hosting long term and short term exchange students  Club YE Committee –Provides support as directed by the Chair –Positions may include Host Family Coordinator, Inbound and Outbound Coordinator

12 Club – Chair & Committee  Meet & maintain certification requirements –Required to participate –A signed compliance statement with annual update of signature page.  Ensure students attend mandatory functions  Notify District Chair of any student issues or concerns

13 Club Chair & Committee  Outbound Students –Promote program –Interview and select candidates –Provide student with a YE blazer –Fund orientation for students and parents –Correspond with student during the exchange –Help students and their families adjust to life after the exchange

14 Club – Chair & Committee  Inbound Students –Establish and maintain contact with student –Meet student at airport and host them for a brief period prior to delivering them to their first host family –Assign a Rotarian Counselor ( not part of committee or host family) –Serve as Liaison between the Rotary club and school nSigned guarantee form nLetter for embassy

15 Club – Chair & Committee  Inbound Students Continued –Solicit, screen and select host families –Orientate and maintain contact with host families –Provide transportation and funding for District YE activities –Provide copies of student’s passports and return tickets to District YE Chair –Provide Local orientation to all inbounds

16 Club Counselor  Establish & maintain contact  Explain expectations of Club and District  Counsel student – friends, school, community life  Coordinate monthly allowance  Assist student with set up of bank accounts – personal & emergency  Create a supportive atmosphere  Maintain important documentation for student  Advocate for student

17 Host Families  Host Family Responsibility –Parental responsibility & supervision –Room & Board –Aid in adjustment and learning new language –Notify Rotarian Counselor of any issues –Insurance (copy and become familiar)

18 Host Families Continued  Student Responsibility –Adapt! –Abide by all program and event rules –Accept supervision of host district, host club and host families –Act as an Ambassador (Club/Community) –Attend school –Integrate with host families, club and community

19 Parents/Legal Guardians  Agree in writing to all rules of program  Transportation to and from host community  Clothing  Spending money and an emergency fund for student  Health, travel and accident insurance acceptable to host club and district  Travel documents such as passport and visas and proof of required immunizations for student

20 Student  Comply with the rules- program & event  Accept supervision of host district, host club and host families  Ambassadorial responsibilities –District / Club / Community Events  Correspond with sending club and district during exchange  Attend school  Maximize Cultural Experience –Limit computer / / parental contact

21 Governing Documents  RI YE Materials –Youth Exchange Handbook – (on web)  USA Department of State – NYS Clubs –22 CFR Part Secondary School Students – (handout for US Clubs)  D7040 YE Materials –Club Certification Document – (handout) –YE Guidelines – (handout)  Club YE Materials – if approved in certification

22 Club certification  Required to participate  Annual attendance at District training  Provide following to District YE Chair –Copies of all locally developed materials (brochures / promotions / applications / policies / web site links, etc. Annual update. –List of services in local area (rape, suicide crisis hotlines, alcohol and drug awareness, law enforcement agencies, community services, private services. Annual update.

23 Club certification – cont’d  District’s abuse and harassment protocol –In the D7040 YE Guidelines –Train host families / parents / counselors that do not attend a District Training Session  A signed compliance statement –Updated annually or with any change in club president or youth exchange chair

24 Statement of Conduct for Working with Youth Rotary International is committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for all participants in Rotary activities. It is the duty of all Rotarians, Rotarians’ spouses, partners, and other volunteers to safeguard to the best of their ability the welfare of and to prevent the physical, sexual, or emotional abuse of children and young people with whom they come into contact. Slide 1

25 Crisis Management  District will convene crisis management team  Gather all the facts  Clubs/Rotarians refer all inquiries to the District spokesperson  No cover up – nothing but the truth  Prepares press statement for Rotary’s position

26 Recurring Problems  Travel –District YE Event –Travel pass – all District events –Outside district –Cross boarder / Independent –Extra parties  Drinking –No drinking in public or at Rotary events –Permitted at family meal if practice of host family  Dating –Many friends, both sexes –Monopolizing time

27 Q&A - Thank you  Committee is available to assist you  Can visit your club to review your program, or to present a program to the membership or club directors. Telephone or Sharon Miller D7040 Youth Exchange Chair

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