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1 st annual Therapy Assistant Association of Alberta Awards.

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1 1 st annual Therapy Assistant Association of Alberta Awards

2 Categories Long-Term Service Award Student Mentor Award Leadership Award Outstanding Practitioner Award

3 Long-Term Service Award Must be a member of the Association for at least five consecutive years Has been promoting the Association

4 Long-Term Service Award winner Virginia Pona

5 Student Mentor Award Has mentored Therapy Assistant students by providing coaching, support and/or feedback during student’s placement Encourages others to mentor students Has made mentoring students a continuing goal in their professional life

6 Student Mentor Award nominees Gene PerriPatricia Wilson

7 Student mentor Award winner PTA at the Millard Rehabilitation Centre in Edmonton Mentors students on a regular basis Offers structured support by meeting with student in the morning to review daily caseload and periodically throughout the day to ensure student feels comfortable and is succeeding in tasks Empowers students to participate in self-reflection and to discover their own competence, confidence and abilities Facilitates opportunities for student to learn from different team members throughout the facility Demonstrates by example the importance of developing excellent team relationships where cooperation and respect are a priority Gene Perri

8 Leadership Award Promotes the role of the Therapy Assistant Promotes the discipline(s) and/or specialties in which they work Encourages others to participate in Professional Development and does so themselves Is an integral member of their rehabilitation team

9 Leadership Award Nominees Kristin Tarnowski Shannon Bourbonniere Candice Van der Torre Kim Ostendorf Sheila Free Shauna Sopka

10 Leadership Award winner Rec TA in pediatrics (.2)and geriatrics (casual) in Red Deer Is consulted often for pilot projects due to her strong clinical, written and spoken skills Worked as a multidisciplinary TA to help advocate for their needs, identify potential hurdles during the learning process for multi-d TA’s and provided orientation for new staff. Is a member of the ThAAA and encourages the paraprofessional status of TA’s Seeks out opportunities for courses, particularly about working with patients with dementia. Part of the AHS Central Zone Therapy Assistant Resource Team – they network among TA’s to support them and organize an annual Education/Resource Day Her casual work allows her to work in many facilities and she diligently shares any knowledge of great and effective new programs with as many staff as possible Is eager to help out where she can no matter the discipline Sheila Free

11 Outstanding Practitioner Award Has contributed to the rehabilitation team Must possess outstanding clinical and interpersonal skills Participates in professional development opportunities Shares with or teaches other team members knowledge acquired through practice or education opportunities

12 Outstanding Practitioner Award nominees Janelle LansardShauna Sopka Joelle BachinskySheila Free Aleyna SheradhaShalina Ladak Rosie GovindKiersten Roesch Donna BischkeAmy Winsor Lisa DelwoPatti St.Pierre Sandra Dee Gusnowski

13 Outstanding Practitioner Award winner Pediatric TA that works with children aged 2 to 11 in the Lamont/Minburn County Constantly changes her teaching and communication style to fit the needs of her clients and gets them engaged and excited about learning while ensuring they have fun doing it Eagerly uses her creativity to come up with new ideas and activities for the children Shares her knowledge of programs and resources with her team and spear-headed the implementation of several programs to improve treatments for the children Demonstrates outstanding organizational skills to ensure she and her teammates provide the best and most efficient service Takes a lead role in finding learning opportunities for herself and eagerly shares new knowledge with her teammates Donna Bischke

14 Congratulations to all our winners and nominees! We are proud to recognize the outstanding work you do in your respective roles and hope we can all follow the example set by you. Thank you for letting your passion shine through!

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