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The Amazing Newborn.

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1 The Amazing Newborn

2 Apgar Scale Shortly after birth the Apgar scale evaluation takes place. Apgar scale is a method of evaluating a newborn’s physical condition.

3 An infant is given a rating from 0 to 2 in each of these areas:
Pulse Breathing Muscle Tone Reflex to stimulation Skin Colour

4 Respiration Slow, irregular Good, crying A P G R APGAR Scoring for
Sign 0 Points 1 Point 2 Points A Activity (Muscle Tone) Absent Arms and Legs Flexed Active Movement P Pulse Below 100 bpm Above 100 bpm G Grimace (Reflex Irritability) No Response Grimace Sneeze, cough, pulls away Appearance (Skin Color) Blue-gray, pale all over Normal, except for extremities Normal over entire body R Respiration Slow, irregular Good, crying

5 A total score of 6 to 10 is considered normal.
It is usually given one minute after birth and then 5 minutes later.

6 Within 60 minutes of delivery, drops of silver nitrate or an antiseptic ointment are put in the eyes to protect from infection. Baby is then weighed measured and cleaned up. Permanent copy of baby’s foot print is made. Family bracelet is put on.

7 The Amazing Baby Newborns prefer human faces to other shapes.
Hearing is present though it takes a few days for the baby’s ears to be clear from amniotic fluid. They selectively respond to sounds, particularly the female voice.

8 Reflexes Rooting reflex: Newborn’s automatic response when touched on the lips or cheek, of turning around and beginning to suck. Grasp Reflex: Automatic response of a newborn’s hand to close over anything that comes in contact with the palm.

9 Startle Reflex:Newborn’s automatic physical response –legs thrown up, finger spread, arms extended and then brought back rapidly with fingers closing in grasping action.

10 What do babies need? Food: Giving food to newborn immediately helps them to trust the world. Sleep: Average newborn sleeps about 15 hours a day. Exercise: Brief wakeful period, baby wave their arms and legs around. Lots of kicking. Safe, clean and warm

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