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Unit One Don’t Label Me.

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1 Unit One Don’t Label Me

2 Learning Goals I can think critically about stereotyping in our world
I can read a variety of texts, focussing on opinion pieces and graphic text I can write to support and share personal opinions

Are stereotypes and prejudice the same thing? Why is it sometimes difficult to recognize stereotyping? How does stereotyping affect us?

4 Vocabulary Leave space beside these words so that you can record definitions
Label Stereotype Prejudice Discrimination Diversity Oppressed

5 Is Labelling a Big Deal? by Aisha Muharrar
Before Reading: Think about the title of this article. What is your opinion about this question?

6 Post Reading Task 1. Is labelling a big deal? Make a chart with the columns for “Yes” and “No” and write two - three reasons for each side. Then write a short paragraph explaining how you feel. 2. Which factor of labelling (see page 11) is most often behind the labels used at our school? How could you test your answer? 3. Do teens or adults label more? Consider the factors of labelling on page 11. Explain your opinion to the class in a short paragraph. Use examples to support your opinion.

7 Group Task a) Use the “Five Factors” that are associated with labelling to classify the labels from pages 9 -11; you may also add additional labels that are not included. b)Look up the definitions for prejudice and stereotype. Which of the labels do your consider to be prejudice? Be able to explain your thinking.

8 Definitions Stereotype Prejudice
:a popular belief about specific social groups or types of individuals. Stereotypes are standardized and simplified conceptions of groups based on some prior assumptions :a baseless and usually negative attitude toward members of a group. Common features of prejudice include negative feelings, stereotyped beliefs, and a tendency to discriminate against members of the group

9 What is the difference? Prejudice is negative stereotyping that is expressed or acted upon. Prejudice carries a moral judgment. Prejudice has a negative impact on another person or group. Which is the following are prejudiced statements? 1. The French generally like fine dining. 2. I don’t like Irish people because a guy from Ireland beat me up two years ago. 3. Jewish people don’t like to spend money.

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