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Three+ children learning site By

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1 Three+ children learning site By

2 the 4 pillars I am a third child inspired by my father who was a saint, St. yasinski of motors, to believe in who I really and do what I can in life as long as I live. that is why I made my one and only three+ children learning site. This site is all about 3 rd kids like me. When your country, city, town state, etc. has a child limit of two or more and you choose to have more on purpose or on accident, doesn’t matter what you do, but you have to find a way to hide that child, than go to the tab Hide Me! If you want to know more about (or just learn about) justice, freedoms, equity and representation, go to the tab the four pillars. If you want to meet up with some other third+ children to game, text, or maybe get to know each other a little bit better as friends, it might be a good choice to go to the tab third children around the world. If you may want to know a bit more about me and my life or start to make a friendship with me, go to contacts. Blogging time! Other 3 rd children contact Sign in!

3 Blogging time! April- do you know about that book called among the hidden that`s everyone is talking about, Paige? Paige- yes, it’s a very sad and exciting book I think you would enjoy. April- can you tell me more about the book? Paige- Well, its about this kid named Luke that has to hide because their town has a child limit of two and he is a third child. But then his life changed when he saw Jen through the window of another house. But of course they did not know each other. So Luke went to Jens house and discovered that she was a very aggressive third child. Soon they made great friends but, Jen decided to go out and enter a rally, but all of the kids there got shot. April- wow! Pretty intense! Paige- yup! Get it, you will love it. Paige- this is the front cover!

4 The four pillars Justice means that every one is treated the same, so treat people the way you want to be treated. It also means that the town, city, etc. has services to protect the people, and to enforce the laws. Equity means that every one has equal rights and responsibilities to go with them, no matter there differences. (such as if you want to vote, you cant bring your ballot in unmarked! Unless you don’t wan t the ballot to count!) Freedoms mean that we can speak as we wish(and protest) as long as its peaceful. Representation means that we have the right to vote and run for office and we elect a representative or leader to act on our behalf. Everyone deserves to know this

5 Other 3 rd children Hello! I am April Vanoort. my favorite subject is art and I love to draw horses. I am 11 years old, and go to a catholic school. Will you be my friend? You are gaming Ashlyn hunter Text: (2:45) Ashlyn: Hello, April! I would love to be ur friend. Would u like to game me for a good start? me: sure! 3:00 00/gaming-category-screen-galaxy-monitor- 872887.html

6 Contact Facebook: Phone #: 780-782-8808 twitter:

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