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R&I Seed Funding Managing your Project May, 2008 Research and Innovation.

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1 R&I Seed Funding Managing your Project May, 2008 Research and Innovation

2 Agenda  Project management  Roles and responsibilities  Policy review  Reporting  Finances  Human resources  Planning and managing – Base Camp  Questions

3 Project Management Effective Project Management …  Simplify communications to stakeholders  Manage project / time  Control project costs (now and for future planning)  Identify and manage risk  Process improvements / lessons learned  Record of activities  Coordination of resources  Quality

4 Roles and Responsibilities Research & Innovation Office:  Receive reports to monitor project progress.  Liaise with Finance department.  Support and advise principal investigator (PI) re risk management Principal Investigator (PI):  Comply with RI and GBC policies.  Report to RI fortnightly – on milestones and budget.  Obtain Research Ethics Board approval if required.  Provide final report to RI office.  Investigate!

5 GBC and RI Policies RI Policies - Read:  Research Ethics Policy - research/policies.aspx GBC Policies - Read:  Travel Expense Policy - http://insite/finance/Travel_Policy.pdf  Purchasing Policy - http://insite/finance/Purchasing_Policy.pdf

6 Reporting  Project progress report  Every two weeks  Send to  TEMPLATE - TEMPLATE

7 Finances GBC Finance Department Contacts  Purchasing – Terry Carroll x.4432  Expense Transfers – Lourdes Cas x.4429  Invoices and Cheques - Accounts Payable  Expense Statements – Payroll Agenda  Purchasing  Expense transfers  Invoices / cheques  Expense statements  Deadlines  Your account

8 Finances Purchase Orders  Purchase orders are required for purchases over $1,000  Department administrative assistant or budget manager raises request for a purchase order in Millennium Web Req system; sends to RI office for approval

9 Finances Expense Transfers  Used to transfer expense (not money) from one account to another when:  Incorrect codes used  Expense to be counted elsewhere  Document reason for transfer  Expense submitted  transfer completed by department 1  transfer signed by department 2  finance transfers expense http://insite/finance/Internal_Expen se-Revenue_Transfer_form.XLS SAMPLESAMPLE -

10 Finances Invoices and Cheques (to Accounts Payable) Invoices – SAMPLE -SAMPLE  Cost code (100-[org]-[acnt]-1)  Org code for your project  Account depends on item purchased  Date  2 signatures  PI  Research and Innovation manager  As per signing authority form Cheque requests – SAMPLE -SAMPLE  As above  Use form - http://insite/finance/Request_for_Cheque_form.xls

11 Finances Expense Reports  Must comply with Travel Expense policy  Be detailed – RI, Finance, Auditors must understand expense  Sign and obtain one-up signature  Must attach receipts for everything  Form - http://insite/finance/Employee-expense- statement.xlshttp://insite/finance/Employee-expense- statement.xls SAMPLESAMPLE -

12 Finances Deadlines  Expense reports – to payroll by noon Tuesday of non-pay week  End of year:  Payroll related expenses (salary, staff payments, expense reports) – approx. February 28  Others (expense transfers, cheques, invoices) – approx. March 11

13 Finances Your account 1.Return signed agreement to RI office 2.Receive project org. code (4 digits) 3.Complete signing authority form/s and return to RI office (ask your budget manager/administrative assistant) 4.Start spending!

14 HR Human Resources  Consult RI regarding any HR issues  Finding student research assistants  Rate of pay for assistants  To hire/pay staff complete HR Payroll Action Form (PAF) – ARI office or your administrative staff will help/complete for you

15 Project Planning and Management Tool Base Camp  RI subscription  On-line project management tool  Very simple  Plan, organize, communicate, share  Thank you to Lindsay Burgess

16 Let’s log in…

17 Your Project/s - Dashboard

18 Welcome to Your Project! Let’s start with a To-Do List

19 Create a New To-Do List Follow either link to create a new to-do list

20 Name your to-do list Enter a name for your to-do list Describe what tasks will be on the list Click “create this list” to continue!

21 Enter a task “to-do” Identify a task to be done for your project

22 Whose responsibility? Choose someone to be responsible for completing the task

23 She’s in charge! Assign one person to each task so all team members are aware of their responsibilities

24 Keep in touch The website will email your colleagues when you set tasks. Now they know exactly what they must contribute to the project!

25 Your list is complete! Click “New to- do list” to get started on the next one

26 Try viewing just your own tasks Click on the drop-down menu to see the tasks assigned to any individual

27 These are your responsibilities Note your responsibilities and check them off as you complete each task

28 Adding milestones Now that you have set tasks, it’s time to set deadlines Click here to start

29 Set deadlines Select the date of your milestone on the calendar Indicate what happens on that date The website will email the responsible person Click “create this milestone” to add it to the project calendar

30 Adding many milestones Add several milestones at once by clicking “add ten at a time”

31 Creating a writeboard Writeboards allow you to share and compare drafts Click here to create

32 Creating a writeboard Add a title so your team knows what the writeboard is about Click “create a new writeboard” to continue

33 Share your draft Enter text in the field provided. Once you’ve hit save, your colleagues can add comments. Click here to save and continue

34 Your saved writeboard

35 Sharing files Click here to upload a file

36 Uploading a file Click browse to look for a file on your computer

37 Uploading files Click “upload the file” to finish

38 Uploading files Base Camp will confirm that your file has been uploaded.

39 Posting Messages Click here to post a message

40 Messages Give your message a title. Any responses to your message should relate to the original subject.

41 Messages and Milestones If your message relays or requests specific information that will help to complete a milestone, indicate this using the drop- down menu.

42 You might want people to be aware of this message right away. Base Camp can email them about your message automatically. When you are satisfied with your message, click “post this message” to continue

43 Leave comments Reply to messages

44 To Do  Return signed agreement to RI  Enter project in Base Camp  Familiarize yourself with RI and GBC policies  Schedule reporting (in Base Camp or Outlook)  Complete signing authority form

45 Questions Any questions? Contact: Meadow Larkins x.6714

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