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Nevada Irrigation District Sphere of Influence

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1 Nevada Irrigation District Sphere of Influence
Workshop on The Sphere of Influence Update of Nevada Irrigation District November 16, 2006

2 Nevada Irrigation District
Raw, Agricultural and Treated Water Service in Nevada and Placer Counties, minor service area in Yuba County Entire Source is Surface Water

3 Sphere of Influence Requirements
Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Requires: Commission must review Spheres every five years and update if necessary Spheres cannot be updated or adopted until appropriate Municipal Service Reviews have been completed

4 Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Requirements (con’t.)
Commission must consider Four Factors (Gov’t Code Section 56425): Present and Planned Land Uses Present and Probable Need for Facilities and Services Present capacity of facilities and adequacy of services Social and Economic Communities, if relevant

5 Timely Availability of Water Supplies
LAFCo is Required (Gov’t Code Section 56668) to Consider the Timely Availability of Water Supply A Sphere Plan can make this Assessment on a District-wide Basis by Considering: Water Entitlements Storage Capacity Treatment System Distribution System

6 Nevada LAFCo Sphere of Influence Policy
Sphere Planning Horizons (3 time periods) Phased Annexation Plan Master Service Element that demonstrates the agency’s capacity to provide services to meet the needs of population

7 Nevada Irrigation District 1983 Sphere of Influence
Adopted in 1983 by Nevada LAFCo (Principal County LAFCo) Included District, plus islands (surrounded by District) as well as a contiguous area near Lincoln Also included watershed areas in Nevada and neighboring Sierra County This is the first time the NID sphere has been updated

8 Adopted in 1983 by LAFCo

9 Sphere of Influence Update Process
LAFCo Prepared a Municipal Service Review (2004) District began an update of its Raw Water Master Plan (2005) District retained a consultant (Thomas A. Parilo & Associates from Nevada City) to work with LAFCo to prepare the sphere update (2006) Placer LAFCo staff has been consulted throughout process

10 Final Steps in Process Draft Report Prepared
CEQA Compliance – Public Circulation of Proposed Negative Declaration November Workshop – To Obtain Commission Direction December Hearing – To take Public Testimony and to Adopt Sphere Update

11 Sphere Update Data Sources
Municipal Service Review Raw Water Master Plan Urban Water Management Plan Water Rights Summary District Master Plans

12 Nevada Irrigation District Sphere of Influence 2006 Update
Establishes Sphere Horizons/Annexation Plans and Master Service Elements for Treated Water Raw Water Upper Watershed Facilities Major Service Areas in Nevada & Placer Minor Service in Yuba No Service in Sierra

13 Nevada Irrigation District
287,000 acres 18,400 Treated Water Connections 5,700 Irrigation Connections Raw Water for Grass Valley & Nevada City Ancillary Hydro-generation and Recreation Services



16 NID - By the Numbers 10 Storage Reservoirs 7 Treatment Plants
37 Storage Tanks & Reservoirs 425 miles of Transport Ditches and Pipelines 300 miles of Distribution Pipelines

17 Entitlements District’s water registry has over 50 entitlements
A few riparian rights 22 pre-1914 rights 28 post-1914 rights

18 State Water Resources Control Board
Has authority over post-1914 rights District has filed Statements of Diversion for the Pre-1914 and Riparian rights with the Board Board is currently analyzing NID’s permits for final licensing

19 Water Supply Source: 2005 Raw Water Master Plan Source 1995 2000 2005
2010 2015 2025 Watershed Runoff 453,737 214,857 228,700 Carryover Storage 56,534 144,295 112,557 118,200 Contract Purchase 7,356 8,936 8,000 Recycled 2,856 3,200 3,000 3,400 3,800 Total 520,483 371,288 352,257 358,100 358,300 358,700 Source: Raw Water Master Plan

20 Projected Supply and Demand Comparison During Normal Runoff Years
2005 2010 2015 2025 Supply Totals 352,257 358,100 358,300 358,700 Demand Totals 164,900 179,500 189,900 208,100 Difference 187,357 178,600 168,400 150,600 Source: Raw Water Master Plan

21 The Upper Watershed Included as a Facilities/Resource Sphere
44,600 Acres in the Canyon Creek and Middle Yuba Watersheds in Sierra and Nevada Counties


23 Facilities 10 Reservoirs Storage Capacity 280,380 AF
7 Hydro-generation Facilities 3 Primary Recreation Sites Jackson Meadows Rollins Reservoir Scotts Flat Reservoir

24 French Reservoir, elevation 6,835 feet - the highest of NID's 10 reservoirs

25 Estimated Service Area 2001 Projected Service Area 2027
Raw Water Supply Existing and Potential NID Raw Service Area Canal Service System Total Acres Estimated Soft Area Estimated Service Area 2001 Projected Service Area 2027 Deer Creek 165,000 92,030 38,447 60,253 Bear River 125,000 90,159 44,837 53,712 District Total 287,000 182,000 83,284 114,348 Source: Raw Water Master Plan

26 Treated Water Began providing in late fifties
18,500 connections in 2005 (14,750 AF) 28,343 connections in 2025 (26,900 AF)

27 Treated Service Areas in Nevada County
Main water treatment plants in Nevada County Lake Wildwood – 4 MGD (5.5 MGD in 2010) Elizabeth George – 10 MGD (24 MGD in 2008) Loma Rica – 8 MGD (12 MGD in 2012) Lake of the Pines – 5 MGD (expanded in 2003)


29 Treated Water Service in Placer County
Main water treatment plants in Placer County North Auburn – 6 MGD Proposed Lincoln – First Phase – 10 MGD ( ) Second Phase – 20 MGD (2020+)


31 Annexation Plans The Treated Water Islands 518 Parcels 1,528.8 Acres
Most within City Spheres With the exception of Lincoln, no plans for expanding the exterior boundary

32 Annexation Plans The Raw Water Islands 870 Parcels 17,608 Acres
All are well beyond City Spheres

33 Programmatic Annexations
Grass Valley Hills Flat Highway 174 Nevada City Indian Flat/Cement Hill Road Others

34 Lincoln Most of City currently served by PCWA
Some City lands within NID boundaries City of Lincoln is updating its General Plan City will ask Placer LAFCo to expand its Sphere of Influence

35 Some of proposed expansion area is within NID boundaries (some is within the sphere)
Anticipated connections—10,373 in 2025 Agreement terms and funding sources to be determined


37 NID’s Sphere of Influence Recommendations
Maintain 1983 Sphere Boundary with exceptions: Remove connecting corridors to upper watershed areas Remove RCO lands in Smartville Remove 4 areas that constitute expansion


39 NID’s Sphere Recommendations (Con’t)
Adopt time horizons as shown on the following maps Retain the upper watershed facilities lands in the Sphere in an undesignated time horizon Review and Update the Plan as needed in 2011





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