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RTS Self-Registration.

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2 Self-Registration

3 TOKEN sent via email


5 Principal Registration * List of available schools in his/her board Educational Psychologist Registration List of available schools in his/her board with a REGISTERED PRINCIPAL

6 Sunshin99 Rde

7 Lost Password Retrieval A user is LOCKED out for 24 hrs. if they try > 2 times to login with incorrect information! Then if they try the Forgot Password while locked out, only the Admin (me) can unlock them. If you can’t remember the password - Use Forgot Password – don’t try to login 3 times, then use forgot password!


9 Rde

10 Principals Manage System USERS Ed Psychs / Itinerant Assessors SLP’s Spec Ed Teachers Guidance Counsellors

11 Approve a Users Access to School Decline a Users Access to School Remove a User from the School Transfer Referrals to a New School Accept a Referral Transferred to School

12 Request Additional Schools

13 New Reports



16 Improved Assessment Data Entry Screens


18 Automated Completion Status

19 Improved Error Checking and Data Validation


21 SEO’s and Program Specialists  View Only Rights  Use Reporting Features  Support Process – Data Entry  Review Individual RTS #’s as Required  Support Training Process  Monitor Waitlists  Monitor Assessments

22 Guidance Counsellors, SLP’s, Educational Psychologists, Special Education Teachers, Itinerant Assessors  Enter Assessment Data (Everyone)  Enter Referral Data (Spec Ed)  Review Referral Data  Produce Reports as required  Enter Final Report data (SLP, Guidance counsellors, ed psychs, itinerant assessors)

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