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Rise or Raise The verbs rise and raise cause some confusion amongst students. February, 20 th, 2012.

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1 Rise or Raise The verbs rise and raise cause some confusion amongst students. February, 20 th, 2012

2 Risepresent tensepast tenseperfect tenseparticiple form First PersonI rise into the air.I rose into the air.I have risen into the air.I am rising into the air. Second PersonYou rise into the air.You rose into the air. You have risen into the air. You are rising into the air. Third PersonShe rises into the air.She rose into the air. She has risen into the air.She is rising into the air. Rise : To get up from a sitting or lying posture. To ascend, and increase in altitude in the air or in water. To grow in height.

3 Raisepresent tensepast tenseperfect tenseparticiple form First PersonI raise cattle.I raised cattle.I have raised cattle.I am raising cattle. Second PersonYou raise cattle.You raised cattle.You have raised cattle.You are raising cattle. Third PersonHe raises cattle.He raised cattle.He has raised cattle.He is raising cattle. Raise : To set upright, to cause to stand up. To establish, set up or restore something. To build, construct, create or produce something. To breed and nurture animals. Source:

4 RISE verb (intransitive) (rose, risen) She rose from her chair to welcome us. Heat rises. RISE noun : an alarming rise in unemployment. Smoke is rising from the tepee. The sun rises in the east.

5 Source : RAISE verb transitive The government plan to raise taxes. Camus was born and raised in Algeria. The boss offered me a raise. Raise 'your hand' if you... They raise 'their glasses' to... She raises 'her eyes'...

6 Regular Verb TRANSITIVE - needs an object VERB FORMS: raise - raised - raised - raising Irregular Verb INTRANSITIVE - no object VERB FORMS: rise - rose - risen - rising TO RAISE =  to lift something,  to elevate,  to bring to maturity,  to increase,  to set upright by lifting or building TO RISE =  to move upward (without assistance)  to move upright from a lying, kneeling, or sitting position  to return from death Terry raised her hand to wave at her friend. My grandmother raised cotton. I'm raising some tomatoes. The store always raises prices. Hot air balloons rise. Frank's rising from the sofa. The sun has already risen this morning. Zombies rise from the dead in horror movies! Confusing Verbs: Raise / Rise Source :

7 Merriam-Webster Complete Definition: Rise to assume an upright position especially from lying, kneeling, or sitting to get up from sleep or from one's bed to return from death to take up arms to respond warmly: applaud usually used with to chiefly British : to end a session or adjourn to appear above the horizon to move upward to increase in height, size, volume, or pitch to extend above other objects to become heartened or elated to increase in fervor or intensity to attain a higher level or rank to increase in quantity or number to take place to come into being to follow as a consequence to exert oneself to meet a challenge rise, rose, risen

8 Merriam-Webster Complete Definition: Raise to cause or help to rise to a standing position to awaken or arouse to stir up or incite to flush (game) from cover to recall from or as if from death to set upright by lifting or building to lift up to place higher in rank or dignity; to elevate to heighten or invigorate to end or suspend the operation or validity of to get together for a purpose; to collect to grow, cultivate to bring to maturity; to rear to breed and bring (an animal) to maturity to give rise to; to provoke to give voice to to bring up for consideration or debate to increase the strength, intensity, or pitch of to increase the degree of to cause to rise in level or amount to bet more than (a previous bettor) to make a higher bridge bid in (a partner's suit) to increase the bid of (one's partner) to increase the amount of (a poker bet) to make light and porous to cause to ascend to multiply (a quantity) by itself a specified number of times to bring in sight on the horizon by approaching to bring up the nap of (cloth) to cause (as a blister) to form on the skin to increase the nominal value of fraudulently to articulate (a sound) with the tongue in a higher position to establish radio communication with raise, raised, raised Source :

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