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About the ACADIANS Ethan,Isaac and Brett. About the Acadians.

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1 About the ACADIANS Ethan,Isaac and Brett

2 About the Acadians

3 The British take over The British came to the land that the Acadians were living on because they wanted the land for them selves. There was pressure to the king to take over the Acadians land

4 The Acadians return After the British and Indian war the Acadians came back to nova Scotia

5 Apology or not? Yes we think they should because of all the bad things they did to them and for telling them what to do.

6 Was the expulsion of the Acadians necessary The expulsion was not necessary because they were harming anybody or anything.

7 The Acadians heritage The Acadians are French Nova Scotians. In 1750 nova Scotia had about 10000 Acadains.

8 Were they settled The acadia settled in Quebec in 1604. From 1632 to 1755 they lived a happy life farming

9 Map were Acadia settled

10 Acadian history Louisbourg was defeated by the British in 1745 and were sent to England. In 1748 Louisbourg returned to the French. the reason the Acadians lost their ties with the French is because they would not side with them

11 Symbols representing Acadian culture

12 Acadia moving to nova Scotia After the last war between acadia and the British they came out of hiding and moved to nova Scotia.

13 Who led the first settlement The first settlement was led by samuel de Champlain.

14 crop field

15 Muzzle gun

16 Flag

17 Lady in Acadian clothes

18 Credits Isaac, Ethan, Brett Mrs baird Kenan

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