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Ute Elizabeth Perkovic’s e-Portfolio

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1 Ute Elizabeth Perkovic’s e-Portfolio
Re: Lethbridge College Employment Specialist EXAMPLE POWER POINT e-PORTFOLIO To advance through the slides, click your mouse anywhere on the screen or you may need to click your down-arrow to the right. To view attachments, click on the green or blue links!

2 Main Menu Ute Elizabeth Perkovic, the Career Development Practitioner
Personal Mission Statement Assessing client needs examples Promotion examples (2 slides) Quality of Service (examples) Ute the person, past and present

3 Ute Elizabeth Perkovic Career Development Practitioner
Cover Letter, Resume, and Reference List

4 Ute’s Personal Mission Statement:
To provide outstanding employment services to Lethbridge College students, alumni, and businesses / organizations that may post job and career opportunities, by practicing Extreme Customer Service.

5 Some ways I have assessed client needs to help me help them more effectively!
I had conducted a current and prospective employer client survey (MS Word) and compiled the results. I had conducted a job seeker client survey and compiled the results (MS Excel graphs and charts).

6 Re: The Career Planning Process Re: Strategies for Older Workers
Links from here on have been disabled Some of the ways I have promoted assistance to job seekers, students, and/or employers: Re: The Career Planning Process (MS PowerPoint presentation I developed to inform those who do not know what career planning is) Re: Strategies for Older Workers (An article I wrote for “The Homefront”, a Calgary military community newsletter, giving tips for older job seekers) Re: Portfolio Building (An article I wrote for “The Homefront”, giving tips on how to build a portfolio) Re: Academic Advising (MS PowerPoint presentation I created for Lethbridge College students unsure of how Academic Advising can help them) Re: Surveying Employers (MS Word survey I developed to find out what HR related services they need) Re: Job Fair (PDF thank-you note from my boss, Jane Brenner, Executive Director, re: Taber’s first job fair that I initiated).

7 Some of the ways I have promoted
the organization I volunteer / work for, upcoming events, accomplishments, etc.: Newsletter (PDF, newsletter I created using MS Publisher, about Lethbridge College’s School of Business) Thanking others (PDF - Thank you certificate – there are 2 versions - developed for businesses who accept Lethbridge College students for apprenticeship or a worksite experience, and photo of myself, as Chair of the CDAA, at a Lunch and Learn event, giving a gift to Anna Mather – at left in photo - committee member of the South Chapter of the CDAA, for being the first to obtain the Career Development Professional designation in Alberta) Career conference (Registration document I had originally created in MS Publisher for Career Practitioners and general public to attend Work Wise 2006, professional development opportunity) Post event announcement on the web (MS Word document event announcement I created for publication on the CDAA website re: Work Wise 2004) Through the newspaper (Articles from the Taber Times about jobs for students and job activity increases re: Taber Career Resource Centre that I had managed)

8 I am proud of the quality of service I have provided to:
Business (An from Lucerne Lethbridge re: acknowledging their support of our Agriculture and Heavy Equipment Technician Certificate program) Students (An from a student that was in jeopardy of losing practicum credit, and another from a student who really wanted a specific placement) Faculty (An from a faculty member about tracking down interesting practicum placements, and another from a faculty member with whom I shared a Thank You certificate template I developed) Staff (An in response to a thank you I gave a staff member for their great work!) My team (A letter of recommendation from my boss, outlining my contributions to the team) The community (An from a military community member about an article I wrote, and a Thank You card from my boss about a job fair I spear-headed for the community) High Schools (A letter from a High School counsellor to my Commanding Officer regarding a recruitment presentation I gave to a south Alberta high school).

9 Ute, the person! My past (photo):
“Draw from the past but do not allow the past to draw from you.” - Teal’c, “Stargate” TV show My transition – graduating (photo) from University My present: Year ‘round activities (MS Power Point slide show) Batik art work (Photo) Face painting (Photo page)

10 Thanks for viewing my e-portfolio!
Comments, Critique, Questions, or Interview? Contact me at: or Office: (403) or Cell: (403)

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