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Previously known as YIP Borderland School Division.

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1 Previously known as YIP Borderland School Division

2 What is a Career Internship? Earning a High School Credit while getting unpaid work experience in the community. Discovering likes and dislikes through job experience.

3 What’s Great about CIPs? Gaining high school credits in a very unique way There is no “Class Time” – you and your “employer” work out a schedule that suits the two of you. You build important contacts in the business community with real job potential in the future. Experience places in the community that normally would never hire a student.

4 How Does it Work? Think about/ consider what kind of job sites you would like to learn more about. Explore careers that are interesting to you with the following website: www.careercruising.comwww.careercruising Talk to the Career Internship Teacher about your ideas and interests. Mrs. Dueck will contact work- place and make arrangements for an interview.

5 Requirements for C.I.P. One C.I.P. high school credit = 75 hours of work experience at chosen worksite. 35 hours of self-directed learning package. Meet with Mrs. Dueck once a week Log 75 hours at work- place in Journal Logs Complete course work on your own schedule.

6 Why do students like CIPs? Freedom to explore the workplace without a large commitment. (150 hours for two credits) A chance to explore a career where jobs are typically not available for students. Flexibility: complete assignments and workplace hours on students’ own schedule. High School credits earned for experience they are interested in.

7 Where can students do a CIP? Examples of previous job placements: Classrooms in many of the schools in Borderland School Division. Hospitals and Long-Term Care Facilities Department of Agriculture sites Agriculture related facilities, including farms Accounting firms Parts departments in Car Dealerships

8 CIP Experiences Fun in the classroom

9 Happy Faces of CIP Students

10 Available CIP Courses Advanced School Age 40S Applied Health Care 40s Applied Agriculture 40S Behaviour Management Farm Machinery 40S Interpersonal Communication Skills Workplace, Health and Safety 40S Applied Accounting Systems 40S Applied Management 40S Automated Office Applications 40S Children’s Behaviour 30S Customer Service 40S Reception Desk Skills 40S Applied Food Services 40S Courses that correspond with Work Experience:

11 Paid or Unpaid Employment Career Internship High School credits are earned with unpaid work experience. Students do not receive payment to complete other high school courses and CIP is no different. CIP is a unique way to learn in a different environment.

12 CIP or HSAP? Students who already have paid employment might be eligible for a High School Apprenticeship Program credit. An Apprenticeship Credit is different than a Career Internship Credit. A HSAP refers to trades or apprenticeable jobs.

13 Getting Started with a CIP Explore various career choices at Contact Mrs. Cheryl Dueck at further explore options. Register for a CIP course and ask to arrange for an interview with a potential employer. Mrs. Dueck will arrange a job interview.

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