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Overview of CCH Canadian Products 2008 June 2007.

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1 Overview of CCH Canadian Products 2008 June 2007

2 2 The Best Value in Professional Tax Software. Whether you complete one return or one thousand, CANTAX offers the most cost effective combinations of solutions, services, technology and customer support to meet your tax preparation needs. Pick the combination that right for you! Why are 96% of customers coming back to CANTAX again this year ? Period.

3 3 Surveys Said: It ensures your accuracy It’s easy to use It’s backed by CCH tax, technical & training support  95% of the calls received were answered directly by a knowledgeable person  Average wait time of 19 seconds  95% of queries were resolved in one phone call Plus, receive proactive emails on new releases, known issues and frequently asked questions (FAQ). 2006 Peak Season CANTAX Service Statistics:

4 4 “I am a semi-retired sole practitioner working on my own. Being part of the CANTAX family makes me feel that I'm not alone and gives me confidence that I'm providing the best professional service.” Morris Adams – North York, ON A Few Words From Our Clients… “I have been using CANTAX for about 12 years, I can honestly say I am impressed every year. Great support and good price.” Harvey Tizzard – Springdale, NL “It was a very busy time of the year and the last thing I needed was to wait on hold for a long time waiting to talk to a live person. Your customer support is excellent.” Richard Anderson - Eckvill, AB

5 5 Canada’s premier professional tax preparation software Integrates with the CCH Accountants Suite for seamless management of your tax preparation business Boosts productivity – intelligent tools that let you do more for your clients Saves time – whether it’s data entry, review or verification Taxprep is loaded with features and tools to ensure you get more done in less time Links to CCH Research for instant access to information

6 6 Personal Taxprep Save up to 75% of your time preparing Form T1ADJ -- Now it’s possible to automatically complete a T1ADJ form by modifying the active return! Optimizations — Covers such deductions and credits as: RRSP, disability amounts, loss carryforwards, medical expenses, charitable donations, tuition, commission expenses and many more. Family Data Connection — Personal Taxprep calculates returns for the taxpayer, spouse and dependants simultaneously to ensure that the family’s overall tax situation is optimized. HELPING YOUR CLIENTS Personal Taxprep guarantees the best possible tax scenario every time.

7 7 Corporate Taxprep SIMPLIFYING THE PROCESS T2 Data Connection – This revolutionary new feature can save you up to half the time you normally spend preparing returns for related and associated corporations. Ensure Accuracy — More than 1,600 diagnostics and edit checks included to ensure that your returns meet government requirements Effortless T2 Filing — File your corporate tax returns using Corporation Internet Filing. 96% of Taxprep T2 returns are accepted on the first attempt! Client Letter – Filing Instructions — A new predefined letter format has been added. This letter indicates which documents clients need to sign, the amounts to be paid or received, the addresses for submitting their returns and submission deadline dates.

8 8 Assistant — Taxprep for Trusts comes with an assistant to help you prepare your trust tax returns! The assistant screen will speed up the preparation of T3/TP-646 tax returns by grouping data entries into eight successive steps. Diagnostics — More than 280 diagnostics are available to assist you in the preparation of your returns. Magnetic Media Filing — Taxprep for Trusts supports magnetic media filing for T3, NR4 and Québec RL-16 slips in XML format. FILING MADE EASY Taxprep for Trusts is now on the same enhanced platform as Personal Taxprep and Corporate Taxprep - and that means it has an improved user interface in addition to the productivity features and advantages that you’re already familiar with! Taxprep for Trusts

9 9 Canadian Estate Planning Guide An integrated solution Built in work management tool Productivity reporting Enhanced time tracking

10 10 Canadian Estate Planning Guide Estate planning is a key growth area for tax and legal professionals. Are you taking full advantage of the opportunity? The Canadian Estate Planning Guide will help. It’s the one-stop, “must-have” resource for anyone who works in estate planning and tax. This powerful resource will:  Save you hours of research time. You’ll find your answers in seconds and it’s so comprehensive, it’s likely all you’ll need.  Delight your clients with effective estate planning solutions. And delighted clients mean referrals and a growing practice.  Give you authoritative answers and insightful advice from leading experts in estate planning.  Keep you up-to-date because the Guide is updated immediately as and when news happens.

11 11 Taxprep Canadian Tax Compliance CCH Practice Practice Management – Time and Billing CCH Practice Driver Practice Profitability Analysis Tool CCH Document The Paperless Office CCH EngagementPaperless Trial Balance and Engagements CCH Profit Driver Client Profitability Analysis Tool CCH Site Builder Website Presence with CCH Content CCH Online Tax Research ProSystemfx Tax U.S. Tax Compliance CCH Scan Intelligent Source Document Scanning CCH Accountants’ Suite

12 12

13 13 NEW! THE Ultimate Corporate Counsel Guide

14 14 THE Ultimate Corporate Counsel Guide Developed by CCH Canadian in Partnership with the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association (CCCA)

15 15 What our customers are saying! “With the Ultimate Corporate Counsel Guide, CCH and CCCA have developed a convenient source of information for in-house practitioners who require the most accurate information in the most time- efficient manner. The Guide is a practical, relevant and quality reference source that meets our need.” Leanne Andree Assistant Vice President & Senior Counsel Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada

16 16 THE Ultimate Corporate Counsel Guide “Every inside law department and law firm should have a copy.” Alex Shorten, Bull Housser & Tupper LLP, Vancouver

17 17 THE Ultimate Corporate Counsel Guide “I solved two problems after having been inspired with my reading of the Ultimate Corporate Counsel Guide.” Charles Gervais, Lawyer, New Brunswick

18 18 More Customer Feedback! “Like most in-house counsel, we have a small budget for books in our office and don’t use the ones we have every day. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I was using this publication literally within 12 hours of receiving it!” Lawyer, Winnipeg

19 19 Featured CCH Business Subscription NEW – JULY 2007! Ultimate HR Manual – Western Edition Developed by CCH Canadian Limited in partnership with BC HRMA. The resource manual HR professionals have been asking for  Practical advice  Realistic solutions  Loaded with time-saving tools If you operate in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba, this “ultimate” reference resource will help you solve your every day HR challenges and issues and will improve your professional life significantly.

20 20 Featured CCH Business Subscription Ultimate HR Manual CCH Canadian Limited and the Human Resources Professional Association of Ontario (HRPAO) have joined forces to create the Ultimate HR Manual. The content and strategy of this manual was determined by over 2,000 HRPAO members who participated in a survey conducted last summer. Loaded with time-saving tools like sample letters, guides, checklists and sample forms and policies, the Ultimate HR Manual will save you time, reduce workload and help HR professionals like you do your job better.

21 21 Featured CCH Business Publication Canadian Master Labour Guide 21st Edition, 2007  With the Canadian Master Labour Guide at your fingertips you'll be up-to-date on key changes in statutory requirements and critical court rulings, or new government policies that could affect your company  It's complete, accurate and it's from CCH so you know you can rely on it.

22 22 International - Legal & Business At your desktop Millions of our customers worldwide rely on our information when making their most critical decisions throughout their daily professional lives. Through Wolters Kluwer – CCH Canadian brings you resources from: The United States Australia New Zealand Singapore China Japan Malaysia India Access thousands of international resources through CCH

23 23 International - Legal & Business Wolters Kluwer provides research products and software solutions from around the world in key specialty areas for legal and business professionals. We provide you with high quality, innovative products, that improve your expertise and productivity and that deliver the solutions you need, where, when and how you need them. Access thousands of international resources through CCH At your desktop

24 24 International - Legal & Business Access thousands of international resources through CCH At your desktop Securities Law Securities Integrated Libraries Securities Regulation, by Loss and Seligman Corporate/Commercial Law Corporate Governance Integrated Library Cox & Hazen on Corporations Intellectual Property Law Copyright Integrated Library Manual for the Handling of Applications for Patents Designs & Trademarks throughout the World Business Compliance and Human Resources Law Payroll Integrated Library Human Resources Management Series Practical Guide to Employment Law

25 25 For More Information on LB Products Call your Account Manager at 1-866-850-7467

26 26 International - Legal & Business Wolters Kluwer provides research products and software solutions from around the world in key specialty areas for legal and business professionals. We provide you with high quality, innovative products, that improve your expertise and productivity and that deliver the solutions you need, where, when and how you need them. Access thousands of international resources through CCH At your desktop

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