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2 About  CESI is feminist non-profit organization, founded on March 8th 1997, and it aims to improving social position of women, as well as accomplishing gender equality and full implementation of all the laws and international instruments dealing with the protection of human rights.  ACTIVITIES: - Education and counselling - Advocacy and media campaigns - Research and analysis - On-line activism - Publishing

3 Building Gender Awareness Program  To advance the relationship between the sexes/genders through sensitization of the youth concerning the values of non-violence and gender equality To develop knowledge and skills through non-.institutional education programs To increase the expert knowledge and capabilities of the professionals that work with youth To inform the public on youth issues concerning sexuality and violence To advocate the integration of gender perspective into public policy that deals with youth in the area of education and human rights

4  Action research on attitudes, recognition and understanding of violence in adolescents’ relationships (2004.god.)  Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program for high school students (11 hours)  Awareness  Knowledge  Skills 5 modules: Love and Relationships Gender and Sex Power and Violence in Relationships Skills Needed for Quality Relationships Human Rights – Right to Life without Violence

5 Curriculum  love and dating  gender stereotypes, gender role expectations;  violence and gender equality, abuse of power and control;  definition of terms and recognizing different forms of violence;  causes of dating violence;  healthy relationships;  the right to live without violence is a human right  prevention strategies - alternatives to violence through expressing feelings, coping with stress, communication skills, assertiveness and using conflict resolution skills, boundary setting in relationships, self-esteem, decision-making, how to help a friend, and community resources.

6 Cesar, S., Bijelić, N., Hodžić A. & V. Kobaš (2004). Better Safe than Sorry: Prevention of Violence in Adolescent Relationships: A Manual for Educators  It is aimed at educators who want to work with adolescents on the theme of gender based violence using interactive approach  How to work with boys and young men  Empoverment of girls and young women  Information for parents  Directions for following-up activities

7 Bijelić, N. (2004). The Dark Side of Love: A Story about Tanja and Mario.  Written in the form of the story of high school students, young woman and man named Tanja and Mario.  Their love relationship with time transforms into abusive one.  Our intention is to point at the problem of violence in adolescent relationships, to inform young people and advise them what to do in such situations.

8 Teen dating violence 5 leaflets:  How to have a great relationship  What you can do if your friend is in a violent relationship  Give me five minutes of your time and I will tell you in what kind of a relationship you are in!  Tell me how you behave in a relationship and I will tell you what kind of person are you!  Do you know? (statistical data on teen-dating violence)

9 Training for trainers program - Sex and Gender - Gender Identities and Roles - Power relations - Gender based Violence - Teen dating violence - Gender Equality - Methodology - Action planning - Consultancy, support and follow up activities

10  560 experts in the region enabled to implement programs  peer education  21 600 young people (mostly high school adolescents) are included in the lectures and workshops  programs include a variety of creative techniques

11 SEZAM Sexual Education for Youth On line counselling

12 The educational documentary "Almost Equal”  adolescents discuss their opinions and experiences of relationships between men and women, house chores, the participation of men and women in business and in various professions, adolescent's relationships, sex, homosexuality and their visions of future partnerships  several celebrities and experts also appear in the film  We portrayed people with "unusual" occupations such as woman pilot and male kindergarten teacher

13 Campaign "YOU HAVE A 100% RIGHT TO NONVIOLENCE "  16 days of activism (November 25 th – December 10 th )  70 high schools and dormitories participated  exhibitions, performances, competitions for the best literary works and slogans, work on web pages, radio shows, distribution of flyers, set up stalls in town squares…

14 National campaign for the prevention of gender based violence “Silence is not golden”  to raise awareness about the need to eliminate gender stereotypes and other causes of GBV among young people  to develop young people's responsibility as future acting and decision-making members of society on the issue of gender equality  Research  Education  Creative projects  Panels  Media campaign  Festival

15 Hodžić, A. (2007). Violence does not pass by itself: Research Report on Teen Dating Violence in Republic of Croatia

16 The prevalence of and attitudes towards gender-based violence in adolescent population in the Republic of Croatia (2006/7)  more than two thirds of adolescents reported experiencing some form of violent behavior form their partner  about the half of adolescents reported being both the victim and the perpetrator of dating violence  a half of adolescents stated that they were at least once violent towards their partner  partner's excessive jealous behavior is the experience which characterized the relationships of more than half of respondents  the most common forms of dating violence are those by which young people try to dominate and control their partners – excessive jealousy, possessive and controlling behavior, accusations and emotional blackmails

17 Gender differences GIRLS:  tend to be both the victims and perpetrators of emotional/psychological forms of dating violence in the larger proportion  the consequences are considerably more negative and more serious; experienced violence results more in the feelings of hurt, sadness, insecurity, fear, shame, guilt BOYS:  tend to be exclusively perpetrators of sexual violence  tend to approve of traditional and sexist attitudes in the significantly larger proportion, as well as the attitudes which justify the use of violence  more ignorant about recognizing certain behaviors as the violent ones

18 Risk factors  lower self-respect  frequent alcohol consumption  witnessing/experiencing family violence  acceptance of traditional gender stereotypes  permissive attitudes towards the use of violence  communication problems in relationship, and influence of peers and media  The main reasons why adolescents try to solve the problem by themselves - fear, shame, lack of awareness, distrust, and the lack of relevant information

19 Media campaign Topics: 1) Family violence 2) Date rape 3) Trafficking of girls and women 4) Gender based violence = increase recognition that all these forms are gender-based violence

20 Capacity building  64 educators trained in the implementation of the gender based violence prevention using creative methods:  journalism  film  comics  theatre

21 Festival “Silence Is Not Golden”  800 high school students, from 32 cities participated  25 films  16 theatre plays  10 newspaper articles  34 comics

22 Panels  Festival  Panels

23 The ERSTE Foundation Social Integration Award (Bucharest, 2009)  Among 1300 submitted project proposals from the Central and South-East Europe project Silence is Golden is one of top ten recipients of 2008 ERSTE Foundation Social Integration Award.Silence is Golden  The ERSTE Award is part of the ERSTE Foundation program dedicated to social, human and cultural diversity, integral human development, social and economic justice and individual and collective self-determination. ERSTE Social Integration Award is awarded to innovative projects encouraging stable, safe and fair societies with equal opportunities for all.

24 Contact Nova cesta 4 10 000 Zagreb Phone: 01/24 22 800 Fax:01/24 22 801 e-mail:

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