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What is the ‘First Mile’? NCIS-WG Meeting May 2, 2012 Whitehorse, Yukon 1.

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1 What is the ‘First Mile’? NCIS-WG Meeting May 2, 2012 Whitehorse, Yukon 1

2 | 2 The First Mile Project  Public Outreach grants from SSHRC  First Nations Partners:  Keewaytinook Okimakanak (Ontario)  First Nations Education Council (Quebec)  First Nations Help Desk (Atlantic Canada)  University Partners:  Simon Fraser University (B.C.)  University of New Brunswick (New Brunswick)

3 | 3 First Nations Communities

4 | 4 Bringing Back the ‘First Mile’ 1998: The First Mile of Connectivity Paisley & Richardson

5 | 5

6 | 6 Assembly of First Nations e-Community Strategy

7 | 7 Why should YOU care about broadband infrastructure in First Nations??  First Nations people have always been in these regions and will continue to be there in future  First Nations share traditional lands and resources with the rest of society – treaties  Working and engaging with remote and rural First Nations involves online communications  Need sustainable community models for infrastructure  To ensure sustainability, changes are required in discriminatory policies, programs and services

8 | 8 What challenges face First Nations?  People in urban centres think “last mile” instead  Broadband and ICT infrastructure policies and procedures developed without input from First Nations  Urban IT professions fail to recognize and respect community expertise and needs  Engineers, planners, managers need to use online tools to reach out and include remote and rural First Nations when planning and developing projects

9 | 9 How can YOU support First Nations?  Include First Nation members living in communities on development committees  Support First Nation principles of OCAP – ownership, control, access and possession  Work with First Nations to identify solutions and requirements  Become champions with remote and rural communities to challenge misrepresentations and invite collaborations

10 | 10 First Mile Broadband Development  Different First Nations develop local broadband networks in ways that reflect their unique contexts  Locally owned networks support future development  Local control means First Nations can decide what to do with these tools 10

11 | 11 ‘First Mile’ Broadband is: a community utility that local residents, organizations and businesses can develop and access used by First Nations governments to support and deliver other community services to members, such as health or education 11

12 | 12 K’atlodeeche First Nation, NWT 12

13 | 13 Strategic Partnerships  Local leadership and broadband champions  Community members  Regional First Nations technology organizations  Telecommunication companies  Government 13

14 | 14 First Mile Website

15 | 15

16 | 16

17 | 17 What policy changes need to happen?  Respect First Nations autonomy and desire for sustainable community development  Ensure equitable access to resources and development opportunities that exist for urban centres  Create appropriate programs and support services respecting remote and rural realities  Include First Nations as equal partners in development projects

18 | 18 Blood Tribe Community Network [documentary]

19 | 19 Send us your feedback!

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