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The Anthropological Answer: How language evolved.

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1 The Anthropological Answer: How language evolved

2 1) Physical Attributes: As our ancestors evolved, their brain size increased. The brain not only grew in size but began to be organized in a way that allowed abstract thought. The area of the brain that controls speech is located in Broca’s Area. It is estimated that this part of the brain could be found in our ancestors over 1.8 million years ago. All of the elements were in place only in the last 300 000 years. At this point the larynx or voice box was lower in the neck and the hyoid bone was strategically placed to control the muscles connecting the jaw, larynx, and tongue.



5 Why do we use language to communicate? The need to work together to hunt for food as well as to warn others of potential danger. This increased chances of survival. Verbal language evolved from body gestures, the earliest form of communication. As language developed, less body language and potential misunderstanding took place. Language is a distinctive feature of the human species.

6 Human language is also open and discrete. It is open because it can evolve and results in new terms being used to describe a new concept ( new words added because of technology in the last little bit, email, nano) Additions to the English language have challenged other languages to adapt; the french language. There is concern if languages don’t adapt it will become stagnant. Languages that fail to evolve or decline in membership could face the fate of latin, which is no longer commonly practiced and is labelled a dead language.

7 Language can be discrete: meaning that the distinct messages can be delivered that do no blend with other messages. The positioning of the body and gestures can convey messages of fear, alarm, or aggression.

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