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Courtesy of Your Tongue!

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1 Courtesy of Your Tongue!
How we Taste Courtesy of Your Tongue!

2 Anatomy of the Tongue

3 Ever Seen a Cat’s Tongue Close Up?

4 How do We Taste? Intro to 4 Taste Regions
Bitter Sour Salty Sweet

5 To Understand Taste, look at a Taste Bud

6 The Buds send signals along Nerves to the brain

7 Taste Buds come in 4 Varieties
Each taste bud is receptive to a specific “chemical family” Bitter Sour Salty Sweet

8 Inside a Bud

9 Swallowing – Tongue Against Roof of Mouth

10 Spicy Food Explanation
What creates the heat/pain we feel when we eat spicy food? Chemicals in: ginger pepper onions Stimulate heat - pain receptors directly, simulating the experience of heat

11 What about Cool Mint? Mint is a flavor picked up by sweet, sour, bitter and salty taste buds Mint temporarily inhibits (stops) the buds from sending a signal, including some heat nerves in the tongue An absence of heat SEEMS to be COOLNESS.

12 Colds and Taste Much of taste comes from vapors that reach the nose
Smell is often confused with taste although they usually work as partners to produce TASTE! With a cold, sensory nerves do not work properly, so you can’t smell or taste properly.

13 Law of Diminishing Returns
The more bites you take The more the nerves fire Nerves get tired Signal weakens So ….Taste enjoyment falls Solution: Eat a variety of things!

14 Now, we’ll do a Lab that Tests out These Receptors

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