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Canada and The First World War Background1914Canada Goes To War Controversies during WW I Social Changes and Outcomes 100 200 300 400 500.

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2 Canada and The First World War Background1914Canada Goes To War Controversies during WW I Social Changes and Outcomes 100 200 300 400 500

3 Back to Game Board

4 The assassination of this Austrian prince was one of the “trigger” events that brought the world to war?

5 Archduke Franz Ferdinand caption: The ill-fated couple arriving in Sarajevo, 28-Jun-1914. Back to Game Board Source: (11/04/05)

6 The war accelerated this movement that eventually won females the right to vote?

7 Women’s suffrage movement Back to Game Board

8 The War Measures Act enabled the federal government of Canada to arrest and detain people suspected of being?

9 Subversives Back to Game Board

10 The First World War brought about this type of warfare? Hint: As a result of heavier armaments and where the fighting took place, thousands of civilians were now unable to escape the horror of war.

11 Total War Back to Game Board

12 What were five of the background factors leading to the outbreak of World War I Hint: Historians sometimes refer to this period as the, “long fuse”.

13 Back to Game Balkan Crisis Entangled Alliances Triple Entente Triple Alliance Nationalism Colonialism (Competition for Colonies) Arms Race Economic Rivalry

14 September 10,1939 Back to Game

15 There was a long standing dispute between Germany and France dating back to the Franco-Prussian 1870-71 war over this region in Europe?

16 Alsace-Lorraine Back to Game Source: University of Texas al/british_dominions_yearbook/fr_reco n_frontiers_1918.jpg (11/04/05) al/british_dominions_yearbook/fr_reco n_frontiers_1918.jpg

17 By late November 1914 the Triple Entente consisted of?

18 Great Britain France Russia Back to Game

19 The Triple Alliance consisted of these countries?

20 Back to Game In 1879 Germany and Austria-Hungary agreed to form a Dual Alliance. This became the Triple Alliance when in 1882 it was expanded to include Italy. The three countries agreed to support each other if attacked by either France or Russia. It was renewed at five-yearly intervals. The formation of the Triple Entente in 1907 by Britain, France and Russia, reinforced the need for the alliance

21 This first battalions of the _________________ were dispatched for training in England in October 1914.

22 Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) Back to Game

23 One of the most controversial decisions made during the First World War was the established of these?

24 Internment Camps Back to Game

25 'Just a little bit down and the rest of your life to pay. Why, friend, you can't afford not to own one!' March 11, 1969 This cartoon used two of Bill Sanders' favourite characters, John Q. Public and a fast-talking salesman in a plaid sports coat, to represent the debate in Congress over the Sentinel Antiballistic Missile System. First proposed during the Johnson Administration, the system would deploy antiballistic missiles (ABMs) to protect the nation's intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) from attack as well as protect several large urban areas. Emphasizing its "defensive" purpose, the Nixon Administration announced plans to add ABMs to two Minuteman Missile bases in Montana and North Dakota and to eventually construct ten other ABM sites around the country. The opposition in Congress was two-fold. Several senators, particularly Senator John Sherman Cooper (R-Kentucky), were concerned that the system would escalate the arms race and perhaps violate a pending nuclear weapons treaty. Others felt the estimated cost of $6 to $7 billion dollars over the life of the program would siphon away money urgently needed for domestic programs. The Congress ultimately approved President Nixon's request for funding.

26 Their roles in many key battles earned the Canadians the distinction of being the top Allied soldiers on the ____________ and fostered a growing sense of Canadian pride and nationalism.

27 Western Front Back to Game

28 Who was the Canadian Prime Minister at the time of Canada’s Declaration of War in 1914?

29 Robert Borden Back to Game Source: Government of Canada en.jpg (11/04/05) en.jpg

30 Approximately how many languages are spoken in Canada?

31 Los Alamos (USA) and Kazakhstan (USSR) Back to Game First Lightning – The first Soviet nuclear test.

32 As the government created new financial and social agencies the Canadian __________ was formed to manage these government departments, thereby creating many new jobs.

33 Civil Service Back to Game

34 This event occurred on August 19 th, 1914?

35 Canada supported Great Britain in its declaration of war against Germany Back to Game

36 Canada a country of 8 million people deployed _______ soldiers to the war effort.

37 600 661 Canadian soldiers were deployed during the First World War. 61 000 military men and women died and almost 173 000 more were wounded. Back to Game

38 What is the significance of this year in Canada?

39 Back to Game The Honourable Albina Guarnieri, Minister of Veterans Affairs, has declared 2005 the Year of the Veteran. Throughout the year, Canadians will celebrate, honour, remember, and teach our youth about the contributions and sacrifice of our veterans. "Today, we ask a new generation of Canadians to surrender their time, volunteer their hearts, and take one year to fully remember a century of sacrifice. That year is 2005 - The Year of the Veteran." - Minister Guarnieri

40 By late 1916 as a result of heavy casualties this policy was being contemplated by the Canadian government led by Robert Borden?

41 Conscription Back to Game

42 An armistice ended the First World War on this date?

43 November 11, 1918 Back to Game

44 This organization of countries was created at the Treaty of Versailles?

45 The League of Nations Back to Game

46 The conscription crisis pitted these people against one another?

47 Ontarians (English speaking) against Quebecois (French speaking) Farmers against factory workers Rural vs. urban Catholic vs. Protestant Heartland vs. hinterland Pacifists vs. military Back to Game

48 This German Army Chief of Staff developed the strategy used by Germany in the initial stages of the First World War in western Europe?

49 Alfred von Schlieffen Back to Game The strategy involved the German invasion of Belgium to cut of Paris from the sea. Source : /FWWschlieffenP.htm (11/04/05) /FWWschlieffenP.htm

50 The Six Nations Confederacy Back to Game

51 The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on 28-Jun-1914 occurred in this city?

52 Sarajevo, Bosnia Back to Game

53 In the Maritimes over 50 % of all eligible Wuastukwiuk (Maliseet) and ______ men joined the military.

54 Back to Game Mi’kmaq Unfortunately it was not until November 11, 1992 that Aboriginal veterans were permitted to place a wreath at the cenotaph during Remembrance Day services.

55 This battle was a watershed event for Canada. It marked the first time that all four divisions of Canadian troops fought together as a unit. Canada suffered 10602 casualties including 3598 deaths in this battle.

56 The Battle of Vimy Ridge April 1917 Back to Game

57 As a result of an increase in the national debt from $ 468 million to $ 2.46 billion personal __________ became a permanent fixture?

58 Income Tax Back to Game

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