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NEW SCHOOL In the VAUDREUIL-SOULANGES REGION Community Town Hall Meeting September 15, 2009 Westwood Junior High School.

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1 NEW SCHOOL In the VAUDREUIL-SOULANGES REGION Community Town Hall Meeting September 15, 2009 Westwood Junior High School

2 Process (3-5 years) : Assessment and monitoring demographic changes Preparation of preliminary request for new school construction – actual enrolments; projections; anticipated housing construction; transportation concerns; etc. MELS analysis of preliminary request Deposit of preliminary plans and cost analysis Submission of formal plans and cost estimates Approval and confirmation of funding

3 ACQUISITION OF LAND Responsibility of municipalities to provide appropriate land site for new school construction Requirements: Minimum lot size: 17,000 mt² (185,000 ft²) Zoning for Institutional use Access to municipal services (ideally water and sewage but minimum is potable water) Safe road access for busses and cars

4 MUNICIPALITIES AND/OR OFFICIALS VISITED AND/OR CONTACTED Vaudreuil-Dorion St-Lazare Hudson Les Cèdres Les Coteaux Vaudreuil-sur-le-lac Pincourt Yvon Marcoux, MNA – Lucie Charlebois, MNA MELS officials Mayors Private Developers - Real Estate Agents

5 Some sites considered Rt. 342 east of St-Charles (St-Lazare) – zoned agricultural Ste-Angelique west of de Versaille (St-Lazare) - ½ zoned residential + ½ zoned “terres-humides” – NO water and no septic system Chemin St-Emmanuel West (Coteau-du-Lac) – Zoned “terres- humides” and developer wants $10/ft² Route Harwood 342 near Route 540 – No water and No septic system Route 342 (Vaudreuil-Dorion) – creeks would have to be rerouted and No water and No septic system Route 201 (St-Clet) – 2 lots combined are not large enough Route 338 (Les Cѐdres) – In sight of Hydro towers – Mayor recommends that the land is not appropriate for a school

6 New Schools / Expansions 1998 – 2009/10 Vaudreuil-Soulanges Area Forest Hill Elementary (now Forest Hill Junior) Westwood Junior High School Pierre Elliot Trudeau Elementary Forest Hill Senior Elementary Westwood Junior High School Expansion Westwood Senior High School Expansion New Elementary School to be built New school or major expansion every 20 months

7 WHAT NOW? 2 properties being considered : 1 in Vaudreuil-Dorion – Lotbiniѐre (video) 1 from private developer – waiting for information from municipality as to possibility for zoning change

8 WHAT CAN YOU DO? Contact Mayors / Municipal Councilors for action Contact Municipal candidates – what will they do if elected? Contact MNAs for changes to land acquisition process Other ideas???

9 Board/Community Committee Chair: Steve Balleine (Senior Director) Commissioner Members: Angela Nolet; Daniel Olivenstein; Susan Bartlett-Lewis Administration Members: Carol Heffernan (Senior Director) Marilyn Miller (Sector Director) Bruno Côté (Director – Equipment Services) Community Members: 3 of region’s Governing Board Chairs

10 NEW SCHOOL WEB PAGE – click on “New School” Launched today – September 15, 2009 Up-to-date information Copy of presentations and videos from tonight’s Town Hall Notes from Board/Community Committee meetings Register for update notifications

11 The New School Land Issue & Major School Change For 2010-2011

12 The Issues: 1.Rezoning Off-Island Elementary Schools 2.Raising the Level of French Competency in our Elementary and Secondary Schools 3.Rationalizing the Elementary and Secondary School Network

13 Issue # 1 – Rezoning Off-Island MSC Blue Book Page 11 – Possible Scenarios 1.Based on the assumption that the Lester B. Pearson School Board will be provided with land to build the new K- Grade 6 school, the recommendation is that we begin to prepare for this by: Rezoning all elementary schools including Dorset, Christmas park and schools from Île-Perrot to the Ontario Border taking into consideration capacities of schools and the program delivery requirements. Allowing for a phasing-in of the new Attendance Zones, where possible. 2.Based on assumptions that the Lester B. Pearson School Board will not be given land to build the new K- Grade 6 school for 2010-2011, it is still imperative to look for other solutions to resolve the overcrowding in some schools. This may mean opening annexes in nearby schools which have available space, adding additional classrooms etc. 3.Any other scenarios recommended by the Board and/or its consultees.

14 Issue #1 – To Consider SchoolFunctional Capacity 2009-10 Projected 2009-10 Actual 2010-11 Projected Christmas Park 478305304 Dorset 370282284267 Edgewater 412442433468 Evergreen 347392393400 Forest Hill Jr 310349401*352 Forest Hill Sr 473397398451 Mount Pleasant 374236226237 P.E.T. 392 (442)502480*544 St. Patrick 275295290324 Total 3481320032093347 % Capacity 91.9%92.2%96.2%

15 Issue #1- To Consider 1.P.E.T. School Portables 2.Mount Pleasant at 63% of Functional Capacity 3.Westwood Jr. 4.Dorset,Christmas Park School and MacDonald High School 5.Other Possible Spaces

16 Issue #2 – French Programs Elementary  Program Choice Per Attendance Zone?  Program Delivery?  Improve the Quality of French Taught?  Increase the Quantity of French Taught?  Etc… The goal is to improve the level of biliteracy of all of our students.

17 Issue #2 – French Programs Secondary  Common Delivery Model?  Increased Instructional Time in French?  Improve Quality Of French Taught?  Etc… The goal is to improve the level of biliteracy of all of our students.

18 Issue #3 - Rationalize  Opportunity for schools to work closely with parents and their communities to develop local initiatives – Community Schools  Pupil Place Needs?  Schools that remain under-utilized result in a less than viable system.  Adult & Vocational Needs?  Closures?

19 Timeline Reminders  MSC Consultation Meetings April – November 2009  Sept 30 th –Update Meeting with Consultation Group  Written Briefs submitted by October 31, 2009

20 Timeline Reminders  Public Hearings November 2009: November 17, 2009L C C H S November 18, 2009Westwood Jr. November 19, 2009J R H S  Decision(s) at the regular Council of Commissioners Meeting of December 21, 2009  Changes, if Any, Take Effect July 1, 2010 for the School Year 2010 / 2011

21 Written Briefs 1.Anyone Can Submit a Written Brief 2.Every Brief Will be Distributed to Council 3.Written Briefs Serve as the Basis for Public Hearing Discussions 4.Briefs Will be Published on MSC Web Site After Nov 18, 2009

22 Public Hearings 1.Not everyone who submits a brief will be invited to speak at the Public Hearings. 2.We will ensure that a good cross-section of opinions are heard at each hearing 3.Each presentation will last 15-20 minutes, depending on # to be heard 4.First 5 minutes for presenter, balance of time for Commissioners to ask questions 5.Highlight what Council should hear – Add new facts

23 Resources 1.MSC Blue Book 2. Dedicated MSC page on LBPSB web site 3. RSS notification of MSC page updates & changes 4. Community Services Department support 5. Local / community / school grouping meetings 6. Dedicated email for requests/comments – 7.New School Web Page 8.Board Community Committee

24 Community Services: Steve Balleine, Sr. Director Email: Commissioners: Marcus Tabachnick, Chairman Tel.: (514) 422 3000, ext 2322 Email:

25 L.B.P.S.B. Major School Change For 2010-2011

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