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Amazing Weather – The Quirky Quest by T. Webb Horton High School Wolfville, NS.

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1 Amazing Weather – The Quirky Quest by T. Webb Horton High School Wolfville, NS

2 First – A sampling of various weather phenomena… (and yes, this particular image is digitally enhanced…)

3 Sun Dogs


5 This large hailstone fell from a cloud northeast of Breckenridge, TX. The hailstones left a path of damage several miles wide – in some areas there were stones 3 to 4.5 inches thick. No rain or thunder occurred while the stones were coming down. Hailstone


7 Storms…

8 Hurricanes…

9 Hurricane Andrew

10 Typhoons…

11 1000 Islands surge Flooding – either by ice melt or too much rain…

12 1000 Islands surge 2 St. John River, near Fredericton - 2006

13 Truro – March 30 2003

14 Droughts Los Angeles River

15 Sprites and Elves…

16 Aurora Borealis…

17 The eagle…

18 Lightning MacDonald Bridge Lightning on the MacDonald Bridge, Hfx.

19 Multicoloured lightning

20 A ghostly sphere hovering…what is it?

21 Waterspouts

22 A new life form? No – it’s a fulgerite!

23 Blizzard of ’04 Blizzard of ‘04


25 Ice storms…

26 At the end of the rainbow there is a pot of …What?!?

27 A fine day in the Valley… Valley Weather!

28 Quirky Weather Quest… Working in pairs, students will research a particular form of atmospheric phenomena – the more unusual and rare the better! Students will choose their topic from the teacher (or make a suggestion) – to avoid duplication! (See list…)

29 Process…the 5 “W” questions (What, When, Where, Why, and “how”…) Students will give a Powerpoint presentation with graphics/pictures and information on their topic: feel free to cut and paste your info into ppt, but make sure you understand and can explain your weather phenomena! Powerpoint must be put into my inbox, brought on a memory stick, or emailed to me prior to presentation! Presentation should be no more than 2.5 minutes, and must involve both members. Be prepared to answer any related questions.

30 Aurora Borealis Storm surge Landslides Avalanches Les Suetes (CB winds) Ball lightning Lightning “Blue jets”, “sprites and elves” Mirage “Brocken Bow” or glory Monsoons Chinooks Nor’easter system Colorado Low / Alberta Clipper “Perfect Storm 1991” Crepuscular rays Rainbows Diamond dust Santa Ana Wind Droughts Saxby Gale of 1869 El Nino and La Nina Snow crystals Frost, rime and glaze Squalls Fulgerite/fulgurite “St. Elmo’s Fire” “Green Flash/ Red Flash” Storm Surge Hailstones and hailstorms Sun pillars and Sun Dogs Heat index and wind chill Thunderstorms Hurricanes Tornado Ice storms Water Spouts Jet stream Weather Bomb Lake Effect Tornado Water Spouts

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