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Bringing Consumers to Aurora Businesses Mark Kolb Global.TEL Technology Expert Knowledge Probe Inc.

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1 Bringing Consumers to Aurora Businesses Mark Kolb Global.TEL Technology Expert Knowledge Probe Inc

2 Do you Know the Facts? How many small businesses DO NOT have a website How important is mobile for business What do mobile visitors want from a business website How many Aurora websites are not mobile-friendly Why SMB websites haven’t gone mobile What new technology can help with business awareness ?

3 Overview 1.Opportunity for the Town of Aurora 2.Technology 3.Awareness Concepts 4.Benefits 5.Recommendation 6.Next Steps

4 Opportunity for Aurora Help our businesses reach more local consumers Build more awareness of local business offerings Engage growing numbers of mobile-savvy residents Encourage all businesses to become mobile-friendly Increase business retention especially in the core Ideally …. Create Canada’s first.TEL-centric, mobile community Create a real-time, on-line directory of all businesses Save Town of Aurora advertising costs (TBA)

5 New.TEL Technology W-W-W-W-W+How R/T Ad-like Page Mobile-Friendly Key Contact Info Products & Services Business Info Interactive Coupon Hours of Operation Social Media Links Image Gallery Video Map PDF (Menu etc) Desktop B/G image Copyright 2013 Knowledge Probe Inc.

6 Why.TEL? A.TEL site is a one-page ad for any business Simple who-what-when-where-why-how for visitors Built-in interactive voucher for deals & offers Real-time marketing Easy to use by business owner (not IT expert) No hosting or programming Low cost $36/year Instantly mobile-friendly Technical and visual consistency Makes it ideal for games

7 Awareness Concept All about games for generating awareness & exposure Play – Explore - Learn Game play will bring consumers to business websites Different from traditional advertising Consumers remember business offerings Sponsored prizes attract consumers Continuous daily play, prizes determined Sundays All business websites rotated and viewed randomly Deals & offers always visible – this is a key aspect

8 Multiple daily games Weekly engagement Constant exposure Mobile-friendly Tweets Portal

9 Stats Based on … 5 images and 4 trivia per business One sponsored prize per business 5 day game cycle # Biz # Images# Trivia Questions # Prizes Per week Annual Duration 30150120310 weeks 60300240415 weeks 90450360330 weeks 15678052431 year 260130010405 (one/ wk day)1 year 365182514607 (one/day)1 year

10 Promotion & Costs Minimum cost to town (use existing Banner promotion) Twitter, monthly Snap event coverage, town sites Aurora chamber promotion Attract initial businesses to participate with First 30 x $1 coupons, first-come, first-served Rest are $23 per business $36/year afterwards per business Cost to run TBD but borne by participants

11 Benefits Improved awareness of local businesses by residents Businesses get increased sales Increased social media presence for businesses Potential for local job creation Adjunct to on-line searching (increased exposure) Free listings in regional and vertical directories TelNames sites are endpoints for advertising

12 Measure Success Increased sales Compare same time period 2012 to 2013 Business growth with new mobile consumers Built-in Google Analytics traffic metrics

13 Recommendation Use TelNames.TEL domains Use games to attract consumers Promote participation Get minimum of 30 businesses, more would be better Each contributes one prize of value $25 or more 10-week proof of concept with three prizes per week Aurora 150 themed game later ?

14 Summary With opportunity, concept and benefits identified, are you ready to capitalize on … Making more consumers aware of local business? Giving Aurora businesses a better way to expose their products and services to local consumers? Identifying Aurora as Canada’s first mobile town?

15 Next Steps Q & A Review TelNames websites Review website Complete games Local promotion Canada Day & July POC target Review of results

16 Further Information Mark Kolb, Aurora Knowledge Probe Inc. 416-726-4338

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