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Name Position Delivery Partner Logo

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1 Name Position Delivery Partner Logo
Insert the name and position of the person who is giving the presentation. Insert the logo of the Delivery partner (if relevant) in the bottom left corner and delete the text. Delivery Partner Logo 1

2 What is Millennium Volunteers?
MV is an award that recognises your volunteering and the great skills and experience you gain; Gives you an opportunity to make new friends, gain confidence and make a difference; You get a certificate after 50, 100 and 200 hours; It gives you something special for your CV, UCAS personal statement and job applications; It’s free and is open to anyone between 14 and 24. 2

3 How MV works Choose where you want to volunteer;
Tell your volunteer coordinator that you want to sign up for Millennium Volunteers; Record your hours and complete your Record Book; After 50, 100 & 200 hours – you get an award! 3

4 What kind of things can you do?
Church activities Sports club Scouts/guide Youth club Bands Peer mentoring Homework club Visit local care home Charity shop Supervision at school First aid Help out at school events You can also count any volunteering you do through the John Paul II and Duke of Edinburgh Awards. 4

5 Your Record Book Your MV Record Book enables you to record your volunteering journey, your hours and the impact; It allows you to a have a record of your experiences and skills close at hand when writing applications; It can serve as a reminder of the great work that you’ve done by volunteering with your organisation(s). 5

6 Plan of Action Use this section to have a think about what you would like to do, and what skills you would like to develop that support your learning to date, or maybe take the chance to experience something brand new! 6

7 Reviews Time to sit down with someone from your placement to see how things are going. Before the meeting you could ask yourself these questions that you can then discuss: What tasks have I carried out? What have I enjoyed the most? Is there anything I don’t like? Are there any areas where I would like to improve or find out more? What services have I provided for the community or service users? 7

8 Opportunities & Challenges
Even if you volunteer with only one organisation, you may be asked to do lots of different things. Make sure you record the different activities you are involved in – take the chance to make your CV shine! 8

9 Training & Skills You don’t need a certificate for every bit of training you do! Think of what training you’ve done and how it relates to the Plan of Action you’ve set yourself. 9

10 Self Assessment This is a 4 stage process relating to the knowledge and skills you learnt from volunteering. You complete your self assessment at the end of your journey - reading earlier entries in your booklet will help you! 10

11 Days & Hours This is an opportunity for you to record your hours and the programme within which you volunteered. You can record all the time you have volunteered and the total will decide which award(s) you get. Remember: GM = Volunteering in sport SCH = Volunteering in school Pure = All other volunteering 11

12 Awards After your first 50 and 100 hours you’ll get a certificate from your organisation. If you go all the way to the 200 hours award you’ll get a certificate signed by the Minister of Education and get to come along to our special awards ceremony! 12

13 What next? Visit and see what opportunities are available in your local area or overseas. When you’re ready to start contact your volunteer coordinator/manager and get your Record Book. Start working towards your first award! If the organisation has someone who should be contacted about the Millennium Volunteers programme, please insert their name and contact details at the second bullet point on this slide. 13

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