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MB Learning A Level Law Features and Benefits 8/25/20141.

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1 MB Learning A Level Law Features and Benefits 8/25/20141

2 Why study A Level Law? Law affects everything we do from buying a newspaper to getting a divorce Always in the media It is relatable and useful to have a knowledge of key legal concepts Academic A Level Develops skills valued by universities and employers o Problem solving o Essay writing o Reading different texts and using information o Using key terminology o Debating skills o Negotiation o Forming opinions Useful for those wishing to study degree level law – advantage over those not having studied A Level Complements other degrees 8/25/20142

3 Why study via video conferencing? Develops independent learning skills o Time management o Self Motivation o Management of workload o Self discipline Similar to university learning so well prepared Valued by admissions tutors Stand out from the crowd in a competitive market Experience of using video conferencing equipment which is increasingly used by businesses and universities Mature learning style valued by universities and employers On- line learning platform providing wide range of supporting materials Expert, fully qualified tutors many of whom examine A Level law Contact outside of lessons for additional support 8/25/20143

4 Where could Law take me? University Law degree to qualify as a solicitor or barrister. A Level law is an excellent preparation for this and gives you the edge ILEX – Train to become a solicitor whilst working in a law firm Police force and prison service Business Courts service Teaching Further study Citizens Advice Bureau Trading standards Health and Safety 8/25/20144

5 Who can study law? Anyone with the right attitude and a commitment to succeed! Need to be self motivated Those who want to pursue a career in law Those who are interested in law Those who would not otherwise have the chance to study law Those who don’t want to go to university – A level law can be an avenue into many other exciting careers 8/25/20145

6 AS or A level? Can be studied just as an AS or as full A level over 2 years AS level – an introduction to sources of law and key legal concepts A2 – criminal law Complements other core A levels such as English and History Can be used to help contribute topics of interest to the AQA baccalaureate or Welsh baccalaureate extended project/essay Revision service provided at end of each level in preparation for the exam with a dedicated revision pack Both AS and A2 have 2 exams, No coursework 8/25/20146

7 AS law –what will you study? Unit 1: English Legal System - o Criminal and Civil Courts and Criminal Process o Police Powers o Alternative Dispute Resolution o Sources of Funding o Penal System o Judiciary o Legal Profession o Lay People in Legal Profession Unit 2: Sources of Law - o Doctrine of precedent o Legislation o Delegated legislation o European Law o Statutory Interpretation o Legal reasoning o Law reform 8/25/20147

8 A2 law – what will you study? Unit 3: Criminal Law o Principles of Criminal Liability o Attempted Crimes o Offences against the person - Homicide o Non-fatal offences against the person o Offences against Property o General Defences Unit 4: Criminal Law Special Study o Study of pre-released material o Legal processes and substantive law o Statute and Case Law o Analysis and Evaluation of Criminal Law 8/25/20148

9 Benefits my school not just me Enhances school’s curriculum School trying to give students the widest choice and options of learning School has invested in new technology to enhance the learning experience School offers a wide range of learning experiences and styles Tutors provide everything you would expect of a teacher – reports, parents evening, UCAS, help with university choice etc Small class sizes for personalised learning Flexible tutors who are contactable outside of school hours 8/25/20149

10 Further Questions About AS/A2 Law with MB Learning Solutions? For specific subject-related queries please contact Ruth Millership, Head of Faculty at MBLS Email: Telephone: 0161 456 2570 For more general or practical queries contact the MBLS office : 01492 58 01 01 8/25/201410

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