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Machine Vision Applications Case Study No. 4 Cake Decoration Patterns.

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1 Machine Vision Applications Case Study No. 4 Cake Decoration Patterns

2 The Product Manufacturing –Continuous process –Plan of factory floor –Multi-lane production line –How decoration is applied –Cutting cake into fingers –Packing Need for inspection –Many potential inspection points –Many places where product can be spoiled Disposal and re-use of waste product

3 Typical Decoration Patterns

4 Lighting, Optics and Viewing Continuous flow, multi-line, coloured product –Colour line-scan camera, or cameras Linear light source –Fluorescent tube - needs HF driver –Fibre optics - expensive –LEDs - good stability and colour control Turbo-charging inappropriate Chain conveyor - poor back-ground –Angled lighting to improve back-ground (Method 128) Using array camera –Strobing - health and safety problems –Problem of locating defects

5 Preprocessing Fine colour discrimination may be needed –E.g. yellow on yellow –Optical filters –Use of fluorescence to improve contrast Surface rough & uneven for range mapping Crack detection algorithm Thinning –Analysis is independent of line thickness

6 Measurements Euler number Zero crossing count Template matching Grass-fire transform and histogram analysis Morphology –Checking for line thickness –Shaped SEs to detect Crossing points Lines at given orientation Islands Sloppy template aligned by morphology

7 Improving Speed Buy a faster computer –“Wait until next year” Dedicated hardware Change the IP algorithm –Use an approximation to the desired algorithm –Reformulate the algorithm to run faster Local area histogram equalisation SKIPSM

8 Separated Kernal Image Processing by (Finite) State Machine (SKIPSM) Reference: B. G. Batchelor & F. M. Waltz, “Intelligent Machine Vision: Techniques, Implementation & Applications”, Springer- Verlag, London, 2001, ISBN 3-540-76224-8. URL: Basic concept –Row machine –Column machine Speed improvement Lesson in scientific discovery


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