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Welcome To all new Millennium Centre students Programme For The Day Period 1 (8:50-9:50) – Introduction and ‘Find Someone Who’ activity. Period 2 (9:50-10:50)

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2 Welcome To all new Millennium Centre students

3 Programme For The Day Period 1 (8:50-9:50) – Introduction and ‘Find Someone Who’ activity. Period 2 (9:50-10:50) – Taster lessons. Break (10:50-11:05) – MC Common Rooms Period 3 (11:05-12:05) – Taster lessons Period 4 (12:05-1:05) – Meet the students (rooms in Induction Packs) and group activity in Hall.

4 What’s the point of induction days? Help you make the smoothest start. Get to know people – staff and students. Introduce you to new sites. Prepare you for the step up to Post 16. Give you a chance to ask questions. Remind you of important practicalities. For some of you – help you confirm this is where you want to be.

5 What is the Millennium Centre? Our aim is to achieve a reputation for academic excellence BUT We also have:  A wide ranging enrichment programme  A very supportive tutor system  A monitoring approach that looks at added-value and encourages progress  Excellent standards of teaching and learning  High expectations of everyone involved in the Centre

6 Outcomes School/College Average Points Score Per Student Millennium Centre875 Landau Forte811 Chellaston794 Allestree Woodlands781 St Benedicts639 Derby College673 Noel Baker558 Merrill College432

7 What do the students think? 90% of Y13s rated teaching as Good, Very Good or Outstanding. 90% of Y13s rated IAG as Good, Very Good or Outstanding. 96% rated help given with UCAS as Good, Very Good or Outstanding. 85% awarded the MC 7/10 or above for overall provision.

8 New Sixth Form Block – Due To Open September 2013


10 GCSE Results On GCSE results day, Thursday 23rd August, after you have collected your results, you will have the opportunity to confirm your place and choice of AS subjects. What you will need to do depends upon your results, if:-

11 GCSE Results Your grades meet the requirements of your conditional offer. This means your results are as you expected and they are what you needed for your course, then you may enrol with us on results day at either site. You have an enrolment form and details of the first day arrangements in your Induction pack. You will need to return your completed form to Mrs Bunting, Mr Archer or Mr Henshaw by 11.00am on Friday 24 th August. Places on courses for which conditional offers were made will only be guaranteed for students enrolling by this time.

12 After seeing your grades, you wish to change your options. You may discuss this on results day at either site as you enrol. Remember some subjects will be full and not every option combination is available. If you have not discussed any changes on results day, then you should complete your enrolment form highlighting any subject which is different from the subjects on your conditional offer. You will then be telephoned between 1.00pm and 4.00pm on Friday 24 th August to discuss your option choices. You must make sure that you are available on either the home or mobile telephone number you have put on your enrolment form GCSE Results

13 You no longer require a place at the Millennium Centre. Please let us know in person, by phone or letter as soon as you have decided you no longer require a place. We have a long reserve list of students and it is important that if you no longer require a place you give another student an opportunity to join us.

14 When you enrol you will receive your copy of the Millennium Centre Contract, which you will need to read carefully, sign and return in September. In the meantime we think the following information will help all of us to make a smooth start. Student Information

15 Dress Code At the Millennium Centre we expect our students to look professional and business-like. You are role models for younger pupils in both schools and ambassadors within the community.

16 Female Students Female students must wear a tailored suit which can be either trousers or a skirt which is at least knee length. A smart shirt/blouse (with buttons and a collar) must also be worn. A V neck jumper may be worn in place of a suit jacket but must be a plain coloured jumper. Shoes must be smart and sensible without high heels. Students wearing cultural dress should keep to formal, plain colours and a formal jacket.

17 Male students must wear a matching formal suit, a shirt and a tie which must be worn at all times with smart shoes. A V neck jumper may be worn in place of a suit jacket but must be a plain coloured jumper. Male Students

18 Students are not permitted to wear any of the following items – Jeans/denim clothing. Skinny trousers, leggings or tight fitted trousers. Shorts. Strappy or revealing tops (shoulders must be covered). UGG boots, Doc Martin boots, sandals, trainers or pumps. Cardigans, hoodies, sports tops or logo tops. Students should also be aware of the following – Outdoor clothing such as coats, scarves, gloves and hats should be removed once inside. Facial piercings are not permitted. Students can wear one small earring per ear. Students should avoid obvious colours or shaved patterns in their hair. Students following the BTEC IN Sport and Exercise Science will be provided with a Millennium Centre Sports Kit which they will wear for practical sessions. During all other times they should follow the dress code. Male and Female Students

19  In September you will have use of the Common Rooms and the Study Rooms from 8.00am until 5.30pm.  These facilities are for the use of Millennium Centre students, no students from other institutions or other years are permitted. Use of the facilities

20  For the health, safety and comfort of all students there are some basic rules.  Please take time to read these on the ‘Student Information’ sheet, before you enrol. Health and safety

21 The Centre expects 95% + attendance from every student.  The Centre also expects students to be punctual to registration and to lessons.  This level of attendance is necessary to ensure students achieve their full potential in their AS and A levels. Attendance

22 A typical timetable Monday DMCSC Tuesday LCS Wednesday DMCSC Thursday LCS Friday LCS 1 GeographyEnglishGeographyBiologyChemistry 2 BiologyEnglishGeographyTutor PeriodChemistry 3 Biology EnglishGeographyEnglish 4 ChemistryBiologyEnglishGeographyHome Study 5 Chemistry EnrichmentHome Study

23  September 2012: begin 3 or 4 AS Levels  January 2013: first module exams for some subjects  May/June 2013: AS modules in all subjects  August 2013: AS results  January 2014: A2 module exams for some subjects  June 2014: final A Level exams in all subjects A Levels: a two year course

24  You normally take 4 AS Levels in your first year  You will normally drop one in your second year, leaving you with 3 full A Levels  You will need at least a grade D in every AS subject you wish to continue into Year 13  You will be set targets and your progress will be monitored A two-year course

25  A Levels are harder than GCSEs.  This is what, nationally, students average:  A/B at GCSE = Bs in most A Level subjects  B at GCSE = C/D in most A Level subjects  C at GCSE = D/E in most A Level subjects A levels – what grades to expect

26 Over the next 2 days you will have taster lessons in your chosen subjects. These are NOT in the actual classes you will be in from September – some groups will be much bigger during induction. Teachers will be setting you work to do over the summer to help you get off to the best possible start.

27 How to give yourself the best start  Relax, refresh, reflect and rejuvenate!  Mentally prepare for Year 12 – what do you need to succeed? “If I were starting the sixth form again I would get myself organised”. “If I were starting the sixth form again I would think more about preparing myself for a different type of study”. “The jump is big - I found the jump the biggest in Chemistry. But we can try warning them until we're blue in the face. Year Eleven students don't listen to the warnings - they're 16, it's in their nature to ignore it all! If they're anything like my group of friends, we all generally agreed that we were the smartest in the year, and that A-Levels wouldn't be that much of a leap for us. However, it was”.

28 Find Someone Who..... Complete the table finding 10 DIFFERENT people that YOU DO NOT ALREADY KNOW WELL. When complete – go to your group area (your group is at the bottom of the sheet)

29 Find someone who....NameExample Can speak at least 3 sentences in a language other than English. Language: Plays a musical instrument.Instrument: Was born in the same month as you. Month: Has one or more younger brothers or sisters. How many: Has been/is going on holiday overseas this summer. Holiday destination: Has a paid part time job.Job: Has been to a live concert or sporting event recently. Event: Has a favourite TV show or film.Show/Film: Has one or more older brothers or sisters. How many: Has a favourite singer/band.Singer/Band: Find Someone Who..... ?? Your group is........


31 The Egg Challenge... Work in your teams to build a construction out of straws and a plastic spoon that will hold an egg as far off the ground as possible. Time allocated – 20 Minutes

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