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Dave Roberts Programme Director non-acute care. Introduction GPES update Mental Health and Community Care Prescribing Support Unit.

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1 Dave Roberts Programme Director non-acute care

2 Introduction GPES update Mental Health and Community Care Prescribing Support Unit

3 GPES update: recap re: project delivery GPES is sponsored by the DH primary care team. It is being delivered by the NHS Information Centre in partnership with NHS Connecting for Health. GPES is being delivered in two phases. Requirements collected and benefits identified for c20 prospective phase 1 customers Extensive safeguards built into GPES, including the creation of an Independent Advisory Board PRIMIS+: contract novated to NHS IC. Close links to GPES. NHS IC procuring the Healthcare Data Quality Service to replace PRIMIS+ once contract ends.

4 GPES Extraction Query Customers All GP Practice systems Data management Analysis GPES update: how the service will work

5 GPES update: procurement GPET-Q:CIB approval received for and OJEU notice published GPET-E: development underway with key GP System Suppliers GPES-I: first draft of version 1 completed; well received by GP System Suppliers and currently receiving external review by subject matter experts

6 GPES update: communications and stakeholder engagement Working towards publication of the GPES end to end process document and the IAB specification document Continuing consultation and support from the BMA, RCGP and NIGB as well as various other external stakeholders GP Consultation and GP Core groups established Practice Manager and Patient Consultation Groups being created Proactive schedule of presentations and 16 events / conferences

7 Mental Health and Community Care – what we do To support data collection and extract in providers of mental health or community care services To be first point of contact for queries on mental health and community care To support Commissioners in their use of relevant data sets To work with relevant government departments to ensure that information repercussions of policy initiatives are understood and communicated to the providers of NHS funded care To work with anyone with an interest in the collection or analysis of mental health or community care data

8 Current position on MH Producing the MHMDS through the Secondary Uses Service: Will commence in 2009, subject to successful completion of testing However: Data fed back to providers and commissioners, initially via website ( ) Extracts and reports available via website or from IC team Publication: October 2008 – 2003/04 – 2006/07 March 2009 – 2007/08 added November 2009 – 2008/09 will be added

9 Other initiatives Review of all Mental Health information – recommendations agreed with DH and published Independent sector submissions to support standard contract Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey (APMS) and Autism follow-up Clinical Dashboards for Mental Health Quality Indicators for Mental Health Mental Health indicators in NHS Comparators Payment by Results Social Exclusion Joint workstream with National Mental Health Development Unit on information to support Commissioning

10 The sorts of things we are finding: 1 in 6 people suffer from a common mental health problem – anxiety, depression (APMS) 1 in 4 people suffer from any mental health problem (APMS) 1 in 50 people access secondary mental health services (MHB 1 & 2) 57% of people who exhibit symptoms of 3 or more conditions are not in receipt of any treatment (APMS)

11 Community care Initial data set work published (in development) Lack of data a significant problem Business Case for funding being developed by DH (decision due autumn) Links to Department of Health projects on Community Care Links to Performance Framework, Quality Framework, PbR, Standard Contract

12 Further information Enquiries: quoting Mental

13 Prescribing Support Unit At the previous meeting discussed consultation and outcome Agreed that NHS IC would publish PCT data at BNF chapter & section level Data for April to June and July to September 2008 published 28 April 2009 October to December 2008 to be added on 7 th May

14 Prescribing data Includes NIC, Actual cost & items Covers all NHS BSA chapters –BNF 1-15 –18 -23: dressings & appliances Caution with interpretation –Variable populations, demographics, other factors across PCTs Data from ePACT (NHS BSA)

15 Prescribing data Publication is via presentation tool: iView Allows users to select and compare different elements of the information. Users need to register to access iView Users create their own username and password to instantly sign in Website includes a user guide & FAQs


17 Prescribing data The copyright is held by the NHS Information Centre The re-use of this information for any commercial purpose is subject to the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2005. No re-use should take place until you have formally asked for permission and we have informed you of our decision.

18 Prescribing data continued Should you wish to re-use this information in any way you must ask us for specific permission. If we agree to such re-use it may be subject to licensing and may involve a fee. Applications for re-use should be submitted to

19 National top 5 BNF sections by cost, October - December 2008 BNF NameActual Cost% cost growthTotal Items% item growth Drugs Used In Diabetes £143.8 m7.7 8.5 m7.7 Corticosteroids (Respiratory) £141.0 m8.2 4.3 m6.0 Lipid Regulating£133.2 m5.013.8 m10.4 Analgesics£100.7 m-3.314.3 m2.3 Hypertension & heart failure £100.7 m8.415.1 m12.2 % growth: growth over the same period last year

20 Thank you

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