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See Hear Strategy Falkirk Council’s Plan SCOVI Conference 24 th June 2014.

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1 See Hear Strategy Falkirk Council’s Plan SCOVI Conference 24 th June 2014

2 Partnership Planning Group Established Social Work Services  Adult Services and Children with Disabilities Team  Education Services  Ophthalmology  Audiology  Deaf Connections  NDCS

3 Recommendation 1 Local partnerships should consider options for the introduction of basic sensory screening at agreed times in their care pathway Pilot in the Falkirk Council residential homes including day care Screening

4  Awareness Raising  Basic care - Glasses / hearing aids  Upskilling of staff  Consider screening at significant events e.g. stroke  Children – tap into a pilot on visual stress in Denny

5 Recommendation 2 The Scottish Government should scope out the range of training opportunities and work with the relevant education, training and qualification bodies to explore opportunities Falkirk – looking at this as part of a national plan Working with ADSW with Glasgow Caledonian University to scope out what would be possible priority – rehab training

6 Recommendation 3 Local partnerships should audit their skills base in relation to awareness of sensory impairment in the workforce and take steps to address any deficits identified, targeted in the first instance at older people’s services Falkirk – A mapping exercise of levels of training


8 Looking at similarities across Education / Health / Social Work to see feasibility of shared training lower down the triangle Working on an online tool for Council offices to be rolled out to health

9 Recommendation 4 Local partnership should be able to evidence that their service planning reflects the need in their area They should audit current spend and service pathways Local information strategies should be developed

10 Develop Care Pathways – this is where Falkirk started  There are 2 sub groups – Hearing Impairment (HI) and Visual Impairment (VI)  HI – Jennifer Pow - Head of Audiology – Chairing  VI – Colin Gallacher – Service Manager – Guide Dogs – Chairing

11 Audit Current Spend and Service Patterns  Find gaps  Particular attention to significant life event / transition  Update Pathways Information Strategies  Review of existing information  Develop / update shared information packs

12 Recommendation 5 Robust Systems to Maintain Information and Share locally Blind Registration No similar registration for hearing impairment Require Government guidance re criteria Patient survey to check patient views

13 Recommendation 6 Agencies to Review Compliance with Equalities Act - Communication Online Interpretation Falkirk Council Web Clips

14 Recommendation 7 The Scottish Government to Issue Further Guidance in Relation to Young People Falkirk Council is huge – however our priorities are:  VI Children – mapping exercise of existing groups, meetings, pathways  HI Children – family day / consultation event planned  Children of Deaf Adults – sub group to be convened to look at issues / requirements for this group

15 Other Areas We are currently looking into Stirling and Clackmannanshire to become part of partnership There is a Stakeholder day planned for October

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