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Inspiring change Sue Wilson Development aid isn’t effective.

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2 Inspiring change Sue Wilson


4 Development aid isn’t effective

5 Child Mortality HIV Drug and alcohol abuse Civil unrest Environmental degradation Hunger Sexual violence Child abuse Relationships

6 Environment God Each other Transforming relationships to unlock potential


8 Why Mothers’ Union does work Uniquely grassroots: best placed within structures that listen to and reach the whole community Experienced Motivated: heart and ethos of service and unity in Christ

9 Mothers’ Union has an unrivalled potential to help families and communities to work together, restoring relationships with God, the environment and themselves, using their own resources to address their own need, in their own way.

10 “You can’t do anything for people… you can only do it with them.” Rachel Nugee Mothers’ Union Central President 1974

11 Footballs vs wheelbarrows What’s the difference?

12 This is true for individuals, for communities and for us as an organisation. We need to be able to transform each other by passing the football, not pushing the wheelbarrows

13 Working together Work more closely in partnership with Mothers’ Union Provincial or Country Structures (e.g. MU Provincial Executives). Support, develop and strengthen Mothers’ Union Provincial or country structures, in order to enable them to achieve their objectives. Improve communication/information flow, especially with MU Provincial Structures. More effective and strategic funding according to MU Provincial/Country priorities and objectives

14 South Korea– August 2013

15 Title

16 MSH RVSA Learning & sharing Prayer & God’s word

17 Transformationa l Strategic Sustainable Relationship

18 Church & Community Mobilisation Process (CCMP)

19 Church and community mobilisation is about bringing energy and excitement to churches and communities concerning the positive changes they can make for themselves. It seeks to build on the resources they have and encourages the discovery of new skills and expertise within a community.

20 Transformed hearts and minds Traditional mindset Dependency Fatalism Lack of hope Lack of Resources Inferiority “we are poor and there is nothing we can do about it” “Things will never change” Transformed Mindset Interdependence Hope Ideas Imagination Dignity “I am blessed”


22 Changing attitudes ‘Poverty is not in our pockets but in our minds. We used to depend upon aid, and it was like leaning on rotten wood.’

23 Surely this means we don’t need to fundraise? We still need to offer support – and that will need our investment for a while. But our financial support will be directed towards ending the donor recipient relationships and establishing relationships of equality and interdependence

24 Change for UK Partnership Sharing ideas Strengthening the whole organisation – not simply propping up those who can best ask for funding Relationship building rather than needs-based reaction


26 Membership contribution Through the subscription (£10) and donations members provide 64% of our total income. Realistically much of our individual donations also come from members. We want to lessen the burden on members by encouraging them to fundraise externally from friends, neighbours, church-members, work colleagues so that we can continue to do what God is calling us to do.

27 Change for the UK It may be hard to adapt: not only do we need to change the way we interact as an organisation... We need to encourage others to financially and prayerfully support Mothers’ Union against still competition from charities still fundraising for THINGS

28 Saltshaker and Inspired Change too can inspire and direct our UK work. Saltshaker days for dioceses Inspired: sharing and celebrating the ways we meet our own community needs.

29 How you can help? Prayer support Financial support Communicating our vision Talk to MSH Share with us your thoughts and ideas

30 “If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito” Anita Roddick

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