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Welcome to Support Your Community & Grow Your Business.

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1 Welcome to Support Your Community & Grow Your Business

2 Who Are AboutMyArea ? AboutMyArea is one of the fastest growing online social community businesses in the UK with over 200 community websites being operated by community members

3 What Do AboutMyArea Do? AboutMyArea embraces the need for the rekindling of community spirit to help communities rediscover themselves and start to work like communities again

4 What Does AboutMyArea Offer? AboutMyArea is not another online Business Directory – it is run by the community for the community

5 What Is It? It’s like a local newspaper but on line and contains all the sort of interesting stuff that local press used to run…. Community news, what’s on, events, charity information, schools, reviews and much much more….

6 So Who Am I? My name is mal harris and I am the AboutMyArea site editor for the B70 area I am now one of a national network of site operators who are committed to their community, the people & businesses in it My role is to help rekindle the community spirit in my area for all our benefit through AboutMyArea/b70

7 How Do You Benefit? By supporting AboutMyArea you can gain substantial coverage and exposure to the community through your AboutMyArea community website and of course gain more local business. You will receive a full business directory listing, and a news or review feature.

8 Why Do You Need to Advertise? There are lots of reasons that businesses need to advertise. Advertising is not always about getting more customers and getting busier Clever use of marketing can be used to generate different/more profitable customers It can help to raise credibility through association with other credible organisations

9 Advertising Works on Many Levels! Advertising is important even if most of your customers come through personal recommendation Regular advertising and marketing reinforces brand loyalty with existing customers Replacing lost customers is vitally important All businesses lose customers, often through no fault of their own Buying habits change, customers move away – the population in an average UK city changes by 20% every 2 years

10 Targeting the RIGHT Customers By marketing your business locally and using specific messages you can identify certain types of customers that you want to attract By supporting AboutMyArea your business can target new customers to replace natural customer attrition and will be seen as being part of ‘something good and positive’ in your local area You can also make your existing customers feel good about using your business again and maintaining repeat customers

11 So What Does All This Cost? Of course I can’t operate the site for free but I’m asking local businesses to support me in my community venture for just £100 per year or £10 per month Your support will help me provide our local community with a truly great service AND it’ll help you gain more business

12 To Summarise Now is the time to get involved with the newest form of local media It is your area, and this website is produced by the community for the community All you need to decide is what you would like to see about your business on your local AboutMyArea website

13 Contact Details Please call mal harris on 07835319819 or email

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