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Help and Support through Welfare Reform New Horizons Partnership.

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1 Help and Support through Welfare Reform New Horizons Partnership

2 Current welfare reforms a biggest change for a generation South Tyneside is affected more than most - £55m reduction in household income Residents need support Staff supporting those residents also need support South Tyneside Council’s view

3 Support into work/to get work ready Advice on benefits and debt Help to make money go further Help on specific elements of welfare reform Financial/non financial support for those particularly affected Third sector/charities Support for residents

4 Work programme Family Works Family Wise Tyne Gateway Improving Futures Basic skills work Mental health support Support into work

5 Welfare Rights Citizen’s Advice Bureaux Hebburn Neighbourhood Advice Centre Boldon Lane Neighbourhood Advice Centre Age UK Benefits and debt advice

6 Welfare Rights Benefits and debt advice Welfare Rights Citizen’s Advice Bureaux Hebburn NAC Boldon NAC Age UK Council funding£370k (100%) £107k (12%) £74k (85%) £76k (92%) £40k (100% of advice service) Total Staffing paid 25 volunteers 432 Types of advice provided: Benefits ✓✓✓✓✓ Debt ✓✓✓✓✓ Employment ✓✓✓✓✓ Housing ✓✓✓✓✓ Consumer ✓✓ Relationships and families ✓✓ Tax ✓✓ Healthcare ✓✓ Education ✓✓

7 Bridges Your Community Bank Money advisers at Citizens Advice and Age UK Fuel poverty work Fuel switching project South Tyneside Homes furniture scheme Money advice service Making money go further


9 Welfare Reform Resilience Programme South Tyneside Homes approach –Welfare Reform Team Benefit cap worker Communications with those affected Digital inclusion High Impact Families initiative Specific elements of welfare reform

10 Training and support programme to prepare people for imminent benefit changes 6 X 3hr sessions 1.What the reforms are 2.Financial capability (1) 3.Basic IT skills 4.Financial capability (2) 5.Progression plan (1) 6.Progression plan (2) Consortium of training providers Pilots in children’s centres Welfare Reforms Resilience Programme

11 Discretionary Housing Payments –Help with meeting rent payments –Discretionary, cash limited pot –Can be applied for if in receipt of housing benefit –Funding increased for 2013/14 –Temporary support only –Administered by Council’s benefits section Financial and non financial support

12 Social fund/Local Welfare Provision –National social fund system –Crisis Loans and Community Care grants being localised –Funding reduced –Local system currently being put in place: No cash payments – vouchers/goods/energy top ups provided Grants not loans Referrals to local support Rules around repeat applications Information events in March Financial and non financial support

13 Section 17 payments –Part of Children Act 1989 –Designed to promote the welfare for children in need –Emergency/exceptional payments –Eligibility being tightened Homelessness Prevention Grant Financial and non financial support

14 Food banks –Monday – Friday and Sunday in borough British Legion –Benefits and money advice service –Immediate Needs Grant Scheme Other charities –Family Fund –Greggs Foundation –Macmillan Cancer Support Third sector/charities

15 Information sessions Welfare reform fact sheets Training in basic benefit and debt advice Support for staff

16 Contacts Council Housing Benefits Section (council tax and housing benefit issues, and apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment) Welfare Rights Service Citizen’s Advice Bureau Age UK (For help with benefits, debt and housing issues, Money Advisers at CAB and Age UK) South Tyneside Homes tenants: Homefinder – help with finding a new home Income Team – for help with paying rent Welfare reform team Furniture scheme Work Programme - JobCentrePlus Family Works Family Wise Tyne Gateway Improving Futures (For assistance with accessing the jobs market)

17 Contacts Adult and Community Learning (Welfare Reforms Resilience Programme, Basic Skills work) Bridges Your Community Bank (Low cost loans and financial products) Council Home Energy Team (Fuel poverty and fuel switching projects) Job Centre Plus - Crisis Loans (to 31 March 2013 – details from 1 April tbc) British LegionBenefits and Money Advice Service Immediate Needs Grants Family Fund

18 Contacts Food banks Monday 11 – 12 New Hope Church Tuesday 10 – 1 Salvation Army, Wawn Street Wednesday 11 – 12:30 New Hope Church Coffee Morning St Michaels Church Westoe Road Thursday11 – 12:30 West Harton Methodist Church Friday11 – 12 Living Waters Church Sunday1:30 – 3:30 West Harton Methodist Church 7 – 8 St Bedes RC Church, Westoe Road

19 Useful information General benefits and debt advice: Council website about changes: South Tyneside Homes website about changes: Money advice service:

20 Questions

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