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Mr Adrian Lee Chief Constable Northamptonshire Police.

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1 Mr Adrian Lee Chief Constable Northamptonshire Police

2 Ofsted/HMIC Inspection

3 Where are we now… Training over 1550 police officers and staff recognising and managing risk & vulnerability Staff growth in departments identified as carrying the greatest risk Work done with the High Tech Crime Unit to reduce the delays in examining computers Continual development of IT systems used to support safeguarding and risk management No backlogs in referrals HMIC re-inspection next week

4 Police Health Social Care & Housing Education MASH Youth Offending & Probation

5 CJC and the MASH

6 Troubled Families Programme National Plan to “turn around” 120,000 troubled families Families identified by: Having no adult in family in employment Children not being in school Family members involved in crime and ASB County target is 1200 families Currently 1137 troubled families in Northamptonshire 23 are open to Children’s Social Care (CSC) 22 Looked After Children (LAC) 103 Children In Need (CIN)

7 Troubled Families Programme Funding for troubled families is ‘payment by results’ The government fund 5/6ths of troubled families and provide £4k per family. Local partners pay £6k, totalling £10k per family Northants Police are committed to the Troubled Families Programme C/Supt Paul Phillips is the force strategic lead. Also sits on the LSCB, is champion for the Common Assessment Frameworks (CAF) and chair of the Child & Young Persons Partnership Board (CYPPB)

8 Criminal Behaviour Identify real issues behind a child’s offending Why is the child stealing? Why is the child using drink/drugs? Looked After Children Despite less than 1% of all children being in care at least 1 in every 4 boys, & 1 in every 2 girls, in custody, are looked after children

9 Offender or Victim? Numbers of children held in police custody overnight fell from 123 in 2010 to 85 in 2011 The average for the Country in 2011 was 112 Work with partner agencies to find somewhere safe for children to stay overnight if they cannot return home Work to reduce this further after HMIC’s inspection

10 Human Trafficking EU Directive on Human Trafficking Article 26 - Non-prosecution or non-application of penalties to the victim Sexual Exploitation Forced Labour Domestic Servitude Criminality Forced Begging Organ Harvesting Baby Farming

11 Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) “Barnado’s knows that sexual exploitation is going on in every town and city in the UK and child victims continue to go unidentified” All frontline staff being trained Partnership training Police-led - multi-agency CSE Team Hi-Tech Crime investment

12 Victims’ Voice – Young People Findings Under-reporting - “I wouldn’t tell the police… Because I’m not a snitch. And because you know, they’re probably going to kill you if you do.” Police are intimidating - “Some of us find the police really intimidating, the whole system of reporting crime, sometimes that whole questioning thing makes you feel as if you’re being questioned. Perhaps a little bit more training needs to go into the officers who are actually asking the questions.” - “They are too busy with serious stuff.” Influence of parents - “I would have liked to go, to go to court, but my Mum wouldn’t let me” Tailored support from agencies – “Ask what the person wants from it. Just strategies, obviously it’s still happening, but I just block it out now, but they could have stopped that. I could have been, I could have just been carrying on with my life, if they’d told me from the off, ways to help me, but they didn’t.” Positive encounters with police - “Yes, because they understood how not every teenager fitted the general stereotype” These findings led to seven recommendations

13 The ‘Re-act’ Programme for young people who have been identified as violence offenders. Programme offers: Solution focused methodology to reduce violent behaviour Conflict resolution and anger management Film evidencing participation and highlighting successes Re-act Programme Re-act forms part of a crime prevention/awareness programme

14 Prison, Not Me Programme Prison, Not Me Programme rolled-out to Northamptonshire’s Secondary Schools Programme includes: scenarios and consequences a presentation by an ex-prisoner Prison, Not me Programme forms part of a crime prevention/awareness campaign

15 Human Utopia Life changing courses for young people and adults in schools and their wider communities Human Utopia Programme Human Utopia forms part of a crime prevention/ awareness programme

16 Police cadets learn about the police service and develop practical skills Established 3 years ago Open to young people aged 16-18 Currently recruiting to expand to Kettering and Wellingborough Police Cadets Kettering cadets will work with local police and become part of the Kettering Safer Community Team, helping out at events and offering crime prevention advice.

17 Any Questions?

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