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Natural Language and Information Processing group.

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1 Natural Language and Information Processing group

2 NLIP people Teaching staff: Ted Briscoe, Stephen Clark, Ann Copestake, Simone Teufel Research fellow: Anna Korhonen Postdoctoral researchers: Diarmuid Ó Séaghdha, Laura Rimell Research students: Oeistein Andersen, Awais Athar, Richard Bergmair, Frannie Chang, Johanna Geiß, Mohan Ganesalingam, Yufan Guo, Aurelie Herbelot, James Jardine, Colin Kelly, Thomas Lippincott, Stuart Moore, Marek Rei, Ekaterina Shutova, Lin Sun, Andreas Vlachos, Helen Yannakoudakis Visitors and local collaborators: Paula Buttery, Advaith Siddharthan

3 Some recent PhD work Detecting hedging in biomedical text (Ben Medlock): Our results prove that XfK89 inhibits Felin-9. Our results suggest that XfK89 might inhibit Felin-9. Quantifying noun phrases (Aurelie Herbelot): The Four-toed Hedgehog is a small species of hedgehog has short legs is displayed in hedgehog shows is in the third cage on the right Language of mathematics (Mohan Ganesalingam):

4 Citation context indexing: Anna Ritchie

5 Linguistic Steganography: Frannie Chang Using automatic paraphrase to create stego text.




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