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Connected freedom i-Med - How medical electronics will deliver patient power Noel Hurley COO, Toumaz UK Ltd.

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1 connected freedom i-Med - How medical electronics will deliver patient power Noel Hurley COO, Toumaz UK Ltd

2 Page 2 Connected freedom Society Faces Major Health Challenges Fewer Younger People Fewer carers & lower social and health insurance income People Over 65 1971 10 million 2021 15 million 5 million 2013 People Under 16 United Kingdom Source: ONS Increased prevalence and earlier onset of chronic diseases Obesity and Sedentary Lifestyle

3 Connected freedom Page 3 Healthcare is changing >Healthcare infrastructure was set up to manage acute illness, today 70 to 80% of the healthcare budget is spent on chronic diseases. >Better more flexible monitoring of patients >Migration of the care from the hospital to the home

4 Connected freedom Page 4 Patient Monitoring: Early Warning >BMJ on Early Warning Scores: 84% of patients had documented observations of clinical deterioration within eight hours of cardiopulmonary arrest” >RM Schein 1990: 70% of patients have respiration problems 8 hours before circulation stops >C Franklin 1994: 66% of patients show abnormal symptoms 6hrs before circulation stops >The doctor was warned in 25% of cases

5 Connected freedom Page 5 Patient monitoring today >Cable management, infection control >Care areas, patient comfort and distress

6 Connected freedom Page 6 Medical Body Area Networks (MBAN) a network of wireless sensors around the body >Clinical Benefits >Patient mobility and comfort >Monitoring flexibility >extending monitoring into all care areas. >Infection control >Low cost disposable monitors >Patient identification and tracking

7 Connected freedom Page 7 MBAN Challenges Capacity for Patient and Sensor density Co-existence with other radios and networks Days of continuous use from small light weight devices (batteries) Robust wireless links

8 Page 8 Connected freedom Sensium End-to-End solution Sensor Interface Processing Radio Transceiver Processing IP Network Bridge Device Config Network Mgt Data & Msg Mgt Sensium Body Device Sensium Bridge Sensium Gateway Server NSP Protocol WiFi Ethernet Cellular ECG, HR, HRV, RR, Temp, Motion (SPO2, EMG) Data Protocols Cellular Network Management Robust Network Ultra-low power Radio

9 Page 9 Connected freedom Low Power Challenge Tx/Rx Power (mA) Voltage Zigbee & Bluetooth LE Toumaz A generation ahead of the market Longer battery life Smaller lower cost battery Lighter more comfortable body device

10 Page 10 Connected freedom Sensium SoC Products TZ1030 Low Power Sensium SoC TZ1053 TELRAN (Low Power Radio uC) TZ1031 (Low Power Sensium SoC) TZ1090 XENIF (Linux Apps Processor) Sensium Body Devices Sensium Bridge Devices

11 Connected freedom Page 11 Future MBANs :IEEE 802.15.TG6 (MedWin) >Members: Toumaz, GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, Texas Instruments. >FCC new MBAN service 2360 to 2400MHz band >2360-2390 MHz MBANS operations limited to health care facilities outside exclusion zones (indoor use only) >2390-2400 MHz MBANS operations permitted anywhere (all hospitals, in-home, mobile ambulances, …)

12 Page 12 Connected freedom Hospital Market Closed fixed networks Improved detection and intervention Greater flexibility and efficiencies 4G Networks 4G Networks Ambulatory Patient Research Future MBAN Markets Hospital to Home Integration with open and mobile networks Improved quality of life for chronic disease sufferers 2010/11 2014/15 2012/13 2016/17 SaaS / Cloud Services GP Budget changes Standardisation Pharma Quantitative proof of outcomes Personalised therapies

13 Page 13 Connected freedom … and finally Biological Beta Cell Silicon Beta Cell Georgiou,P, Toumazou,C: A Silicon Pancreatic Beta Cell for Diabetes. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems, 1:39-49, 2007

14 Page 14 Connected freedom

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