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Supporting Print Impaired Students

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1 Supporting Print Impaired Students

2 New students

3 The request process

4 Who is Print Impaired?

5 Item requests

6 Requests to publishers

7 Items received from publishers

8 Items provided £0213

9 Items not provided

10 0 2442 Requests already available as E book via the Library How available are E books?

11 Summary 08/0909/1010/1111/1212/13 Too old to progress0018839 Not in stock so can't progress36206827 Accessible e-book0244217 Requested from publisher2770175307398 Obtained from publisher2243122233322 Accessible2241119218311 Not accessible0231510 Reformatted021108 Incurred cost (file)021310 Not obtained from publisher521537476 Licence to scan23232610 Scanned03459 No reply from publisher110122822 No further action00342510 Unable to request from publisher (unable to contact publisher, not provided previously, etc)~~~~13 Non-accessible ebook~~~~22 Out of copyright so obtained from Project Guthenberg~~~~15 total (too old + not in stock + ebook + requested from publisher)3078200505509

12 1.Reply quickly 2.Send files quickly 3.No charge 4.Fully accessible files 5.No complex licence agreements 6.Can reuse for other students 7.Deliver by ftp Good Publisher Practice! 

13 Poor Publisher Practice! 1.Long & complicated request process 2.Problematic (for us) licence terms 3.Proof of purchase 4.File management 5.File quality 6.Fees charged 

14 Case Study Customer Journey


16 Proforma criteria Library (student) must own a print copy Pre 2000 File may not be accessible for your student Permission for us to scan, labour intensive Alternative titles for problematic texts Non UK may be subject to different copyright Duplicated cost No guaranteed outcome - every publisher has a different approach / response time

17 We’d like the academic supply chain to… Revisit your request service Think about the print layout Use standard accessible scanning options when creating your files Permission to scan… Take responsibility for making a useable E copy

18 We’d like Librarians to… Complain about bad products Stop buying non accessible formats Be proactive with bad reading lists Realise ‘accessible’ doesn’t mean ‘useable’ Don’t make assumptions about E formats Make your in house interfaces accessible Resource our service

19 Librarians working with publishers can ensure ’print disabled’ becomes a redundant term because all books are born accessible, making all learners knowledge enabled.

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