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The Northern Ireland Ombudsman Tom Frawley.

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1 The Northern Ireland Ombudsman Tom Frawley

2 The Role of the Northern Ireland Ombudsman The Northern Ireland Ombudsman ensures that every citizen in Northern Ireland is served by a fair and efficient public administration that is committed to: accountability; openness; and quality of service.

3 The title of Northern Ireland Ombudsman spans two offices: The Assembly Ombudsman for Northern Ireland; and The Northern Ireland Commissioner for Complaints The Ombudsman is completely independent of the Northern Ireland Assembly, NI Executive, government departments and public bodies.

4 The Northern Ireland Commissioner for Complaints The Ombudsman deals with complaints from people who believe they have suffered injustice as a result of maladministration by government departments and public bodies in Northern Ireland.

5 What is maladministration? Used to describe poor administration or the wrong application of rules. Examples include: Giving advice which is misleading or inadequate; Discourtesy and failure to apologise properly for errors; Mistakes in handling your claims; Refusing to answer reasonable questions.

6 Who else can the Ombudsman investigate? The Ombudsman can also investigate complaints about the exercise of clinical judgment by health care professionals, such as: Doctors Dentists However the Ombudsman cannot obtain compensation for individuals. Pharmacists Optometrists

7 When can the NI Ombudsman investigate?

8 How does the Ombudsman operate? All complaints are treated in the strictest confidence and services are free of charge Although the power of the Ombudsman does not extend to enforcing any recommendation, the organisation almost always accepts them If an organisation fails to provide the remedy that is recommended the complainant may seek the support of the courts.

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