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Rivenhall church on the site of a Roman villa.

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4 Rivenhall church on the site of a Roman villa

5 Colchester – Roman and medieval layout


7 Waltham Abbey

8 Witham, Chipping Hill camp

9 Witham, the Wulvesford earthwork, ?the Saxon burh

10 Maldon burh and ditch

11 PLACENUMBER OF HOUSEHOLDS IN 1086 Colchester448 Barking236 Maldon223 Writtle167 Great Clacton157 Great Waltham133 Dunmow72 Halstead72 Great Coggeshall63 Chelmsford4

12 Pleshey

13 Pleshey castle motte

14 Hedingham castle

15 Saffron Walden

16 Map of Chelmsford by John Walker 1591. Bishop of London’s manor at Bishops Hall Lane off Rectory Lane

17 Braintree St Michael

18 Rochford

19 Billericay church

20 Development of Witham

21 Witham town plan analysed

22 Brentwood in 1717

23 Chelmsford market infill

24 The Saffron Walden rows

25 Bury St Edmunds rows

26 Market infill buildings and rows

27 Thaxted

28 Clothworking processes from a French stain glass window

29 Bocking mill – in origin a fulling mill

30 Semi-detached pair of Wealden houses in Maldon High Street

31 Excavations on the St Peter’s School site

32 Early houses – aisled halls

33 9 East Street –in origin a commercial building

34 Cavendish House and the White Hart

35 1 Church Street – a pair of shops built for rent

36 Coggeshall, 22 dated buildings Chronological distribution of urban tree-ring dates. The late medieval building cycle

37 Decline of wool exports and rise of cloth exports

38 Map of 1575 rental



41 17 th /18 th century infill on the north side of the ‘triangle’

42 ‘ Row’ buildings in West Street

43 Different types of tenure at Coggeshall in 1575

44 21-23 East Street Bucks



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