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Nikki Tilson – Assessment and Transitions Adviser

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1 Nikki Tilson – Assessment and Transitions Adviser
Assessment Update June 2014 Powerpoints handouts – 3 to a page Notes pages Reforming Assessment and Accountability Infant schools, baselines, websites consultation Report of the NAHT Commission on Assessment Nikki Tilson – Assessment and Transitions Adviser 1

2 Reforming Assessment and Accountability in Primary Schools
Freedom for schools to decide how to track progress More challenging tests Introduction of scaled scores and new detailed performance descriptors linked to NC Progress measured from start of reception Expectation of 85% to achieve new standard (good L4) Greater range of information published on schools websites “Our current expectations for primary schools are set too low” – links to GSCE performance 47% - L4 – get 5GSCE with Eng/Maths compared to 72% L4b+ Principles largely unchanged Ongoing teacher assessment is crucial Freedom to decide how to track progress Balance of teacher assessment and external testing Fair and transparent accountability is key to success Attainment and progress are important to measure school performance Broad range of information should be made available to parents Assessment – challenging tests and scaled scores at end of key stages, detailed performance descriptors for KS1 and KS2 linked to new NC Accountability – floor standard of 85% to achieve new expected standard (good level 4) and progress from reception baseline, published on school websites

3 On….. Criteria for reception baseline – linked to CL, L and M, report a score for each child on a single scale Infant school accountability – 2019 progress measured and published from reception baseline to end of KS1. No floor targets. Consultation on standardising what and how performance data is published on school websites - so parents can make comparisons easily. Want to develop a data application (widget) for schools to download onto their websites and amend School Information Regulations accordingly Criteria for potential baseline assessments – linked to L and D requirements for CL, L and M (L and D = educational programmes for 7AOL, ELGs, assessment arrangements) Single objective binary decision for each assessment item. Not age standardised. Only 2.5% can achieve full marks Infant school accountability announcement – Summer % will be externally moderated. Low prior attainment funding for primary schools and infant schools will be based on outcomes of the reception baseline, not EYFSP after 2016. Schools performance – primary secondary and colleges/sixth forms. Returns power to parents. Will amend School Information Regulations that currently apply to maintained schools and extend to academies/free schools Plan to publish outcomes from consultation on in Autumn 2014

4 Headline Performance Measures
Proposed standard format on primary school websites to include: Average progress made by pupils in R, W, M % of pupils achieving the expected standard in R, W, M at KS2 Average score of pupils in the end of KS2 assessments % pupils who achieve a high score in all areas at KS2 Visual comparison with other schools Pupil progress from age (compared to others with similar starting points) What proportion reach the demanding new standard at age 11 How well pupils do on average at age 11 What proportion of their pupils are rated “high achieving” Infant schools will be measured on average progress made by pupils age 4-7 (baseline – TA in KS1) Data application - Automatically updated for you! To save you the onerous task of editing your website.

5 Progress Attainment Eng/Maths High achievers

6 Questions for response
Do you agree that the headline measures should be presented in a standard way? Do you agree that there should be a visual presentation of the data to aid understanding? Do you have any different suggestions for how the data might be presented visually? Will the examples given improve understanding and meet the aims set out in the document? Where should the measures be available? (e.g. school website, BBC website or website?) Other question linked to data application (wideget) and 1 about compliance/changes to School Information Regulations closes 4th July

7 Timeline Sept 2014 – July 2015 New performance descriptors introduced
Continue teaching current curriculum to Y2 and Y6 in R, W, M and Sci Possible GPS test in KS1?????? Sept 2015 – July 2016 New tests in KS1 and KS2 Optional reception baseline in 2015 (progress measured in 2022 from R or KS1) Sept 2016 – July 2017 Reception baseline -only measure of progress- 2023 EYFSP no longer compulsory KS1 assessments remain statutory but not a measure of progress KS2 performance descriptors????

8 LA assessment update PSC week – keep materials secure until Fri 27th June HDF to be completed once all checks for eligible pupils have been done. Assessment working party developed from the curriculum working party – assessment without levels Report of the NAHT commission on assessment has useful principles and design checklist Good practise assessment links on website Thanks to all schools who provided PSC timetables Thanks for all the teachers who have participated in moderation in KS2, KS1 and EYFS. Have you begun to consider how you will track progress of NC, in groups, as LA, LA support – working party – to select tracking from proposed models, and choose a baseline Lynn and Diane to develop a tracking system from new NC for Southwark? Gwen Sinnott attended Report of the NAHT commission on assessment – Feb 2014 MD and I attending a conference – good practise models key stage 1 assessments reporting If a child starts at a new school before the summer half-term holiday, the new school must report the child's results to the LA. If a child starts at a new school after the summer half-term holiday, the previous school must report the child's results to the LA. This includes children who transfer to a new school during the holiday. If a child moves school within year 2, the new school must report the end of key stage results to the child's parents. - Please keep delivery notes and sign them for KS2 and PSC Maladministration on the increase and DfE have sent list of schools to ne monitored. - Good practise re use of readers is not having 1-1 but children in small groups and always 2 adults in the room KS2 update - Submitting teacher assessment data How to read test questions to children Use of pens in the tests

9 Deadlines for data submission to LA
EYFS Profile - Friday 27th June PSC – changed to Wednesday 2nd July KS1 - Wednesday 25th June (Open - 2nd June) KS2 teacher assessment - All schools should submit their KS2 teacher assessments (including P scales), directly to the STA on the Teacher Assessment section of NCA tools ( We also ask that schools send the data to Deadline – strongly recommend Friday 20th June (open from 12th May)

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