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GM Workforce Modernisation & Planning Network December 2013.

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1 GM Workforce Modernisation & Planning Network December 2013

2 Contents Workforce Planning Update ESR Update – HCS codes National Workforce Assurance Tool Health Visitor Update Data Quality Update eWIN

3 Workforce Planning Update

4 Workforce Planning Update HEE Mandate commits HEE to publishing a national Workforce Plan for England – the first time this has ever been done The sets out how HEE will be investing in the workforce & identifying training commissions for 2014 The plan will be presented to the HEE Board on 5 th December – publication date to be confirmed HEE Workforce Planning Guide can be downloaded from eWIN here planning-guide planning-guide For interest: Shape of Training Review published, examining postgraduate medical education and training to ensure that doctors now and in the future are able to meet the changing needs of patients, society and health services

5 Trust Roles and Responsibilities Annual service plans are shared with Health Education North West to ensure HENW have a full understanding of the current workforce and any key areas of under/over supply HEE guide does not address any roles in respect of assurance of the workforce aspect of the annual service plans, but the TDA do HENW will have an on-going dialogue outside of the annual service plans to identify existing gaps or emerging needs – the networks, LWEGs and Board are part of this stakeholder engagement Between April & July all trusts are expected to produce future workforce forecasts This information is ultimately fed into the HENW Investment Plan and Five Year Workforce and Education Strategy HEE will publish an England workforce forecast plan

6 2013/14 Timelines Annex 2 of HEE Workforce Planning Guide planning-guide planning-guide Might be subject to change April – June / July working with trusts on annual service plans July / August – forecasts feed into education commissioning – utilising modelling tools and local intelligence September – first draft of HENW Investment Plan – revisions until October October – enact education commissioning and workforce development plan February / March – final workforce Investment Plan Using a suite of tools and intelligence to inform the Investment Plan and education/workforce decisions via stakeholder engagement (particularly LWEGs, Board)

7 Your HENW Contacts Education Management CPD – Gaye Jackson Education Quality Assurance – Vicky MacMillan LDAs – Kim Leigh Workforce Planning by Sub-Region Greater Manchester – Liz Thomas Cheshire and Merseyside – Emma Hood Cumbria and Lancashire – Ruth Cunliffe Specialist Areas Health Visitors – Values and Behaviours – Fiona Lord eWIN – Emma Hood

8 ESR Update – HCS Occupation Codes

9 ESR Re-coding of HCS Workforce The current data standards for ESR coding are now available on the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) website. This uplift is primarily to incorporate the changes to the Healthcare Scientist staff group. The updated data standards include: The National Workforce Data Set (NWD) version 2.6 The NHS Occupation Code Manual Version 12 (incorporating the Healthcare Science changes) The full suite of NWD Guidance documents, the Informatics workforce coding guidance and Occupation Code Verifier Tool

10 ESR Re-coding of HCS Workforce Codes will be available in ESR in December 2013, the old codes will not longer be available for use Existing positions must be amended with the new codes from 1 st January 2014 and by 31 st March 2014 Using the guidance documents, coders will need to identify the correct codes for staff If using local procedures, need to use “Amend” rather than “Correction” for tracking There will be a combination of mass upload and local data entry required to make the relevant amendments HSCIC Workforce Team Workforce and Facilities Team Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) 0113 2547205

11 ESR Re-coding of HCS Workforce ACTION REQUIRED 1. Local Workstructures Administrators and/or Workforce Information specialists should liaise with their HCS lead to identify any HCS-related Positions in their Workstructures and determine what changes are required in order to implement the revised classifications. 2. Organisations that wish to make use of the mass update facility must raise an SR via Remedy stating that the SR is for the attention of the ESRNHSINT group and with the completed spreadsheets attached. 3. The NHS Interface Team will coordinate work with the organisation to ensure that the required changes are made as soon as possible. 4. Organisations may submit SR’s prior to the release of the new values at the end of December 2013 but should be aware that updates cannot be actioned until the values are available within ESR.

12 National Workforce Assurance Tool

13 Workforce Assurance Tool Reminder that HEE are seeking responses on the WAT  Do you or someone in your organisation currently have an active role in the WATs implementation or development in your org/area?  Is the WAT fully implemented within your org/area? And to what extent i.e. implemented but not used / Non-FT’s in our area only etc?  What do you/your Providers see as the main benefits of the system?  What do you/your Providers see as the main issues/challenges with the system?  What do you/your Providers think would make the system more useful under its current purpose?  Send to:

14 Health Visitors

15 Health Visitors Year to Date Position 2013/14 The Mar-14 target is 1656.90 Currently 192.07 FTE away from the target Outturn of newly qualified Health visitors expected over the next few months

16 Health Visitors North West modelling for 2013/14 takes into account natural turnover, attrition and the outturn of newly qualified students into the Health Visiting workforce.

17 Data Quality Update: Nov-13

18 Data Quality Information o Acute and mental health trust in England data quality results published in Health and Social Care Information Centre report: o Available on HSCIC here or eWINHSCICeWIN o Woven report ex-employees validation limited to leavers since 1 st July 2012 o Woven report GMC/GDC registration validation been corrected. Scores might have changed but are now correct o Emphasis on putting in place strong data collection & validation processes remains

19 Data Quality: North West Score NW retained first place Nov-12 to Nov-13 Error count decreased by 1399 (11.1%) errors Oct-13 to Nov-13 Error count decreased by 1,623 (12.7%) errors Nov-12 to Nov-13

20 Data Quality: Priority Areas


22 Data Quality: Maximum Scoring Organisations 0 organisations in the North West in November 2013 achieved a maximum score of 10,000 1 organisation achieved a score of 9995:  Stockport NHS Foundation Trust For full ranking please access eWIN’s data quality reports here:

23 Data Quality Full reports on eWIN: direct link To navigate: 1. Select Data Quality in Benchmarking Service 2. Four reports are currently available and a guidance page 3. Demos can be set up on request

24 eWIN

25 Resources. Intelligence. Innovation. o Available in the Local Education and Training Board areas East of England, North West, Thames Valley, Wessex and Yorkshire and the Humber o NHS workforce focused portal designed to support delivery of QIPP, transition and productivity challenges o Aligning to Education Outcomes Framework and HEE and LETB priorities o New eWIN live May 2013 at @ewin_portal Resources. Intelligence. Innovation.

26 @ewin_portal Resources. Intelligence. Innovation. eWIN is o A communication platform to drive a culture of sharing knowledge and generating innovation o A repository of good practice case studies, hot topics, bulletins, news and events o A benchmarking service providing valuable workforce indicators and modelling tools

27 @ewin_portal Resources. Intelligence. Innovation. Workforce Modernisation Dashboard o The dashboard pulls together data on the commissioning and development of new roles; mainly Assistant/Associate Practitioners and Advanced Practitioners o The dashboard has views by organisation, by county, by region, and an aggregate view across the North West. Organisations can also be compared o Each North West NHS provider organisation has received a data sheet with a summary of the workforce modernisation data known to date o Each organisation then has the opportunity to check and amend their workforce modernisation data before it goes into the dashboard. The data sheet also requires signoff to confirm permission to share the data via the dashboard. o The data will be refreshed periodically through further data collections

28 @ewin_portal Resources. Intelligence. Innovation. Workforce Modernisation Dashboard

29 @ewin_portal Resources. Intelligence. Innovation. Communities How can we assist you? o We have an eWIN community for Workforce Planning and Modernisation in development o What would you like to see here? o Regional sharing o Sub-regional sharing o Relevant national information o Focus on…. Conversations or groups on specific areas – e.g. Emergency Department Workforce Skill Mix Help us make this community work for you!

30 @ewin_portal Resources. Intelligence. Innovation. Communities How can we assist you?

31 Saba Razaq Senior Workforce Analyst 0161 625 7774 @ewin_portal Resources. Intelligence. Innovation. Any comments or questions?

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