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Academic skills 2 Reading, notes and reports Beth Caldwell.

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1 Academic skills 2 Reading, notes and reports Beth Caldwell

2 The writing process Understand and Analyse assignment title Reading and Research Make notes Make assignment plan Write draft Edit draft Proofread final draft & check references Final Changes Submit

3 How do you read… A novel A newspaper A dictionary A website A textbook

4 Reading techniques Scan Skim to get the gist Detailed reading (deep study)

5 British Couple Hurt in Earthquake ________ British couple________ injured ________earthquake ________ Greece ______walking ________cliffs _______island ________Lefkada _______ earthquake struck, _____ rocks _______ on them. ________ tremor, _______ 6.4 ______ Richter scale, _______early hours. _______ hospital _______ Mr Steen ______ blood transfusion __________ breaking ______ leg. _______ wife ________ head injuries

6 Anatomy of a textbook

7 How do you know what to read for your course?

8 Module handbook – indicative reading list Recommended / core texts Weekly reading lists Seminar / tutorial reading lists Your own research - summon

9 Making notes from reading Always write down the full reference on your notes Read with a purpose – What do you want to find out? Make notes that fulfil your purpose – don’t write down everything ‘just in case’. Don’t copy!

10 Note Making Techniques Don’t write everything down! Summarise rather than transcribe Use abbreviations and symbols esp. w/o. e.g. b4.  + &@= Underline and use colours


12 Notes from a lecture… Communication Non-Electronic Methods messengers human messengers birds as messenger – pigeons signals signals that can be seen smoke signals lighthouses semaphore handwriting printed books newspapers signals that can be heard drums horns (motor-horns, fog-horns) Electronic Methods using wires telephones cables without using wires radio television radio-telephone cinema The Use of Satellites communication satellites weather satellites navigation satellites

13 Communication I.Non Electronic Methods A.Messengers (i)human (ii)birds (pigeons) B.Signals (i)can be seen (a)smoke (b)lighthouses (c)semaphore (d)handwriting (e)printed books (f)newspapers (ii)can be heard (a)drums (b)horns 1.motor-horns 2.fog-horns IIElectronic Methods A.Using wires (i)telephones (ii)cables B.Without using wires (i)radio (ii)television (iii)radio-telephone (iv)cinema IIIThe Use of Satellites A.Communication satellites B.Weather satellites C. Navigation satellites



16 Filing your notes

17 Report writing What is the difference between an essay and a report? What sections do reports have?

18 Academic Skills Tutors @ UCO Christine Cattermole Room S2/10 Tel: 0161 213 5025 Email: Beth Caldwell Room S2/9 Tel: 0161 213 5105 Email:

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